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Animal Cuteness

You may consider yourself the toughest guy on the block but one thing’s for sure: You’re never too tough for cute animals.

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Cute Needle Felted Animals

Cindy Thompson is completely self taught and makes a very realistic copy of pets in either 3D sculpture or 2D picture. These are just a few examples of her needle felting work.

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Incredibly Detailed Balloon Animals By Japanese Artist

If you thought balloon animals are simply a fairground novelty, then Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto has some balloon animal art to show you. Perhaps the most impressive thing about them is that Masayoshi uses only balloons – no tape or markers. Yes, there’s even a way to make those detailed eyes using nothing but balloons!

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Animals With Butterflies Look Like Disney In Real Life

These surprising photos show masses of butterflies interacting with various animals. But why do they do it, especially with such risk to themselves? One answer is that butterflies typically swarm during migration, and these pictures capture such a moment. The other answer is that butterflies can’t get all the minerals they need from flowers, making them attracted to things that …

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Realistic Animal Lollipops By Young Japanese Master

Amezaiku, the art of making realistic animal lollipops, has been a Japanese tradition since the 8th century, but 26 year-old Shinri Tezuka is the young master making it famous again. There is no cheap or convenient way to mass produce the candy, and the artists have to endure painful heat when working the hot candy by hand. Shinri is one …

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Animal Parents with their New-born Babies in the Wild

As Charles Darwin described in his study about the existence and nature of emotions as expressed both by humans and animals, emotions are a natural part of the living creatures. Although there might be some slight differences between emotions of animals and humans, yet, they are quite similar. Here are some of the most touching photos of newborn animals in …

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