Thursday , 23 February 2017

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Pit Bull is so grateful for a rescue, he can’t stop hugging

Some people are too quick to dismiss the term “Love at First sight.” I mean, sure, can you find someone and love them automatically in the very second you lay eyes on them. Probably not. Not with people. With dogs on the other hand, I 100% agree it’s a thing. That’s what happened to Philadelphia student Kayla Filoon. She volunteers …

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The only way to save a rescue pup, is to give him a baby brother

When it comes to rescue doggos, you don’t always get a manual or a history of their life. Sometimes, you come to the shelter and you’re presented with a beautiful creature, with a host of problems that you don’t know how to fix and where they started, but you’re determined that this woofer is going to find love. That’s the …

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These pets are the richest of all time

Grumpy Cat Grumpy Cat is an internet sensation that blew up around 2014. The cat with a resting grumpy face has its own coffee brand, a movie, and nearly a million followers on Instagram. The cat’s worth isn’t exactly known but has been estimated at over $1 million. Conchita Miami socialite Gail Posner passed away in 2010 and left her …

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Dew the adventurous dog can’t contain his love for travel

Meet Dew, from Kentucky. He’s a happy, independent pup whom his mom, Mandey Lee, says is a “family farm dog.” Their farm is 70 acres, but it’s not enough to satisfy Dew’s wanderlust. “While that seems large, he does like to roam off at times and meet new people,” Mandey said. So it makes sense that 19-year-old Tyler Wilson found …

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Grieving dog refuses to leave his best friend’s side after his passing

Sadly, like all relationships, your companionship with an animal has an expiration date on it, but the bond you form lasts an eternity. Last week, this sad dog, Cesur, lost his human. 79-year-old, Mehmet Ilhan, passed peacefully in a hospital in Turkey, and his sidekick was notably dejected. “When my father was in the hospital during his last days, Cesur …

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Able, the two-legged cat that’s living up to his name

World, Able. Able, World. This rescue kitten has a heart of gold despite losing his two forelegs after a freak accident during infancy. The tragic moment occurred when Able was just 1-year-old, after he fell on a loose wire while attempting to catch a bird on the roof. The incident took Able’s legs and nearly his life too after being …

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