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Mute girl speaks for first time to therapy donkey

A young girl and her donkey have helped each other heal in remarkable ways. Amber was born with cerebral palsy and required surgery at birth that saved her life but cut off air flow to her vocal chords, leaving her mute. Shocks the donkey was found with a rope tightly tethered around his neck. Festering lesions bore into his skin …

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Adventure cats are the new dogs

Dogs are supposedly superior to cats cause they go outside and do cool sh*t. Well, these cats are sick of that stereotype and are out their in the wild doing their thing. Still think dogs > cats?

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The deadliest snakes here on planet Earth

Eyelash Viper Eyelash vipers are the kind of snakes that will actually camp out in a specific spot and wait for prey to wander by before they strike. The interesting thing about these particular snakes is that they will return to the same ambush spot yearly, just in time to catch birds migrating in the spring. There is even a …

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