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Surprisingly Cute Baby Animals

Baby Stingrays We are almost speechless with these critters, but they are for real! What looks to be a pair of legs are called “claspers”, or modified fins. Claspers are only found on males, for mating.. so these three dancing babies are males!

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Strange Facts About Animal Pregnancies

All human births pretty much happen the same way but the same can’t be said about animal births. Each animal has their own way of experiencing the miracle of childbirth and some of them are really weird.

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Cute Critters That Are Deadly

You might look at any of these creatures and think they are cute, but don’t let them fool you. They’re all more than capable of killing you and if you get on their bad side they might do just that.

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6 Animals The Human Race Needs To Survive

Planet Earth is a large place and it keeps going thanks to many different species all working together. If most of Earth’s population went extinct tomorrow, these are the 6 animal species the human race would need to survive.

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