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Soldier refuses to leave disabled kitten behind in Afghanistan

Christine Weber Boulding was serving in Afghanistan in 2008 when she came across a tiny disabled feline friend. She told People magazine, “I’d never seen a cat like that, I felt so sorry for her. She couldn’t stand up and would flip over.” It turned out the kitten had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a non-progressive disease that affects motor skills. Knowing …

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Who knew a tiny human could save a rescue?

There’s a special bond between dogs and their human friends and there’s nothing greater then finding a dog that just fits in to your dynamic. That’s what happened between Nora, an 8 year old rescue, and little Archie. Elizabeth Spence, Archie’s mom, loves taking pictures of her kids and has been sharing them on her Instagram for the last few …

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ER Doctor uses CPR on stray cat to save her life, adopts her

An ER doctor in Istanbul saved the life of a stray kitty in more than just one way… The white kitty was trying to wander into the hospital when the revolving door pinned him. Luckily a patient noticed and alerted hospital staff. They were able to release the cat from the door, but the damage was done. She had stopped …

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Sick doggo’s final ride turns out to be just what he needed

Meet Maverick. Maverick is about the luckiest dog alive, simply because against all odds he’s still around to wag his tail. Not only was Maverick rescued from a kill shelter, where he was mostly skin and bones, but he’s recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma. His family did what any family would do; they fought it. The first round of chemotherapy …

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Rescue dogs wear signs that prove they weren’t the only ones saved

If you’ve rescued a dog, you know the feeling of locking eyes with “the one.” Once you come across your animal counterpart at the shelter, there’s no going back. It’s a beautiful thing knowing that you just made that dog’s life 1,000 times better, but most of the time the benefit is 100 percent mutual. Leverage Love is an Instagram …

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All this guy really needs is his best friend Lego

The wonderful thing about having a dog is that they’ll follow you everywhere and keep you safe; they’ll walk with you, ride with you, camp in the rain if that’s what it takes to spend time with you and protect you. But what if there’s somewhere they can’t go, somewhere they can’t keep an eye on you. Like inside your …

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