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Russian photoshop skills level: wizard

Russian artist Max Asabin can do amazing things with photoshop. His ability to transport people to any world or destination of their desire is incredible. His skills are so impressive, on the site DeviantArt he has gained over 35K followers. He’s even available to take your family photos to a whole other level of WTF.

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Mom’s lunch bag art helps introvert son get social

Instagram user domnx_art has been designing her sons lunch bags for the last three years now and for good reason. She says that although he has friends, he is quite shy, and the lunch bags help break the ice with other students. It’s been helping her son tremendously as he sometimes takes summer courses in neighboring states. As detailed and …

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When it comes to frightening you, this artist takes the cake

Lucky for us Sideserf Cake Studio is based here in Austin, and the cakes coming out of their ovens are nothing short of amazing. The detail that Natalie and Dave Sideserf, owners of the cake studio, put into their masterpieces have brought in orders from all across the country. From the looks of things, there’s nothing they aren’t capable of, …

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