Tuesday , 1 September 2015

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Art Created By Fire

Cai Guo-Qiang is a New York-based artist who’s doing something completely different to create his art, he’s lighting it on fire. He uses porcelain and gun powder to create his pieces and they look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

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Awesome Teacher Draws a Character Every Week at School

Imgur user JasonDonner HAS a drama teacher named J. Gaston with a sense of humor and some serious artistic talent. Once a week during the school year, he created drawings on his whiteboard based on popular animations to get his students excited about monologues and dialogues.

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You’ll Never Look At A Watermelon The Same Again After This. Whoa.

Clive Cooper from Sparks Fly Design is a sculptor, but he works with a medium you just wouldn’t expect. He is able to create the most fantastical and intricate works of art, just by carving watermelon. Watermelons, technically are 90%. So how one man is able to carve it’s sweet, crisp flesh into art? Lots of patience and a delicate ...

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