Sunday , 29 November 2015

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Awesome Teacher Draws a Character Every Week at School

Imgur user JasonDonner HAS a drama teacher named J. Gaston with a sense of humor and some serious artistic talent. Once a week during the school year, he created drawings on his whiteboard based on popular animations to get his students excited about monologues and dialogues.

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You’ll Never Look At A Watermelon The Same Again After This. Whoa.

Clive Cooper from Sparks Fly Design is a sculptor, but he works with a medium you just wouldn’t expect. He is able to create the most fantastical and intricate works of art, just by carving watermelon. Watermelons, technically are 90%. So how one man is able to carve it’s sweet, crisp flesh into art? Lots of patience and a delicate …

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