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The Books You Can Stumble Upon In This One Store Are Ridiculous, But Awesome

Around a month ago, Jeff Wysaski of Pleated Jeans (alternately known as Reddit user obviousplant) revamped his local bookstore’s sections with more accurate labeling. Now he’s back with hilarious new additions (or should we say…editions) to plant for our entertainment. Instead of relabeling shelves, Jeff took to creating fake self-help books on the most absurd topics. These would admittedly make ...

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And you thought there was only one way to make a hot dog

Octopus Sausages Just slice the ends off of a hot dog, make six slits in the bottom and brown the little guys in hot oil. The ‘legs’ will naturally start to curl outward and take the octopus shape. Stuffed crust Hot dog stuff crust pizza. Breakfast Dog All it takes is a fried egg, sprinkled cheddar cheese and chives on ...

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