Thursday , 27 October 2016

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween!

With Halloween just a week away, people are already diving into the holiday spirit head first. From the early costume parties, to the creative pumpkin carvings, and all the devilish decor abound, Halloween-fever is most definitely in full swing. My suggestion, don’t fight it. Let the kid in you take the wheel for the next week.

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Disney Princesses get Sin City treatment

Russian artist Andrew Tarusov removes the innocence and puts a Sin City spin on Disney Princesses. Whether you’re a Disney fan, a Sin City fan, or you just like cool sexy shit, this gallery should be right up your alley.

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Artists makes an art form out of avocados

One day artist Boris Toledo Doorm was nomming on some avocado, like he’d done so many days before, when a started to wonder if he could make artwork using the green food as his medium. 6 hours later he had completed his first masterpiece and he realized he could in fact use the food as a viable canvas for a …

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Playgrounds we wish we had as kids

The 15 minutes of freedom from the shackles of school that came in the form of recess on the playground is a memory that people all over the world cherish. Now of course, as you get into middle school and high school, the novelty of a jungle gym wears off. However, if playgrounds like this were situated near us, it …

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Racing history behind a future concept: Chaparral

How did a race car company named Chaparral go from a wild racing design to a futuristic concept? Above is the Chevrolet Chaparral 2J from 1970 and below is Gran Turismo (video game) concept called the 2X Vision VGT. The design began with the 1961 Chaparral “1”. It was built by Jim Hall, Dick Troutman and Tom Barnes with the …

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