Monday , 8 February 2016

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Guy loses 100lbs after becoming ‘fat guy’ meme

After a picture of him with his topless at a music festival was shared thousands of times online, Paul Moore was trolled on Facebook. The 26 year old from Cork, Ireland, says he was ‘devastated’ when the photo of him on his mate’s shoulders appeared in a lads’ mag with the caption: ‘Make extra beer money by renting yourself as …

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Beautiful amputee girl becomes best of friends with a 3-legged kitten

Scarlette Tipton, is an adorable two-year-old, who sadly had her left arm completely amputated due to a cancer when she was 10 months old. Doc, a rescue kitten, had her right paw amputated after being run over by a car. Thankfully, one Christmas Eve, the Tipton family, from California, went to the shelter to find Scarlette the perfect companion. By …

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Ever wondered how a life-size humpback whale sculpture is made?

You know those giant whales hanging from the ceiling in aquariums and museums? Someone’s gotta make them, and now we have an inside look at exactly how one of them was done. It all started with a much smaller scale model.   32 blocks of polystyrene foam were used, and that mound looks pretty daunting if you ask me. A …

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This DIY project is the smart mirror of the future

Imgur user, ctrlaltdylan, created an awesome DIY smart mirror to display the date, time, current weather, and a random compliment. Check out the full tutorial in detail HERE Double sided acrylic mirror a little larger than the display monitor. The mirror and the monitor behind it Use a paint scraper to pry at the edges of the monitor and remove …

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The most epic collection of “Star Wars” toys are going up for auction

One of the forefront Star Wars collectors in the world is putting part of his collection up for auction at Sotheby’s on December 11th and there are some amazing treasure’s for any fan of the force (or the Empire). Check out the highlights of his collection here. Replica Han Solo Blaster, 2002 Wind-up R2D2, 1978 Replica Return of the Jedi …

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Girlfriend surprises boyfriend with an impressive quest

Imgur user, TravelBeans, received a phone call late one night from his long distance girlfriend. She told him of a hidden envelope that he needed to open. Little did he know, he was about to embark on quite the journey. So, he packed his bag and went to bed anxiously waiting to open up the next envelope after work. After …

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Happy birthday to the legend Stan Lee

Where would be without Stan Lee? Today the Marvel Magician turns 93, and he is solely responsible for creating one of the most epic industries known to man. I remember growing up watching the X-men cartoons every Saturday morning, thinking how cool it was that the comic books that I loved so much, had finally been converted to a cartoon. …

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Awesome dad takes Elf on the Shelf to a much livelier level

In a world of demented twists on the family tradition, it’s nice to see one dad put an adorable, in no way creepy spin on Elf on the Shelf. Alan Lawrence runs an Instagram account called That Dad Blog, and recently featured his 4-month-old son Lawrence as the cutest damn elf you’ve ever seen.

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