Tuesday , 22 August 2017

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Made in America: The most expensive cars ever sold

12. 1966 AAR Gurney-Weslake Eagle MK1 Price: $3.74 million in 2013 This V12 powered race car is consider by many to be one of the most beautiful Formula 1 cars ever made (obviously, it can be debated). There were only 4 ever built and this one was the winner of seven world championship races. 11. 1967 Chevy Corvette L88 Price: …

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Adventure cats are the new dogs

Dogs are supposedly superior to cats cause they go outside and do cool sh*t. Well, these cats are sick of that stereotype and are out their in the wild doing their thing. Still think dogs > cats?

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Jaw-Dropping Artworks That Are Beyond Awesome

We need to be really passionate about art and need some serious talent to come up with such artworks like these. Today, let’s keep becoming a great artist behind and let’s just focus only on enjoying this gallery full of stunning artworks.

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A private mobile island is a billionaire’s newest toy

This mobile floating platform is the “Kokomo Ailand (Island)”. From the same company that is making and selling private submarine yachts, Switzerland’s “Migaloo” designers are now offering the biggest privately owned sea vessels ever conceived. Its main “beach deck” spans 384 feet long and wide. Take an elevator to your penthouse for a perfect view sitting at 262 feet above …

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A man who inspired a nation

Terrance Stanley Fox was born in Winnipeg in the summer of 1958. He grew up to become one of the most prolific humanitarians, icons, and cancer research activists in Canadian history. Terry was an athlete his whole life. He not only participated in long distance running but he also played basketball for Simon Fraser University. In 1977, Terry discovered a …

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OMG, Men shaved their faces with axes…

The only thing manlier than a luscious beard is cutting it off with an ax. Back in the 1930s, a group of manly men made names for themselves by shaving either themselves or other equally manly men with a tool usually reserved for tree murder. There was Oregon lumberjack Leonard Wallulis, who performed the stunt to get to the finals …

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