Saturday , 25 March 2017

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Dude makes his own Hylian Shield, and it’s awesome

Imgur user NappaKnowHow is armed and dangerous with both the Hylian Shield and the Master Sword to take on the world. It all started with a nice curved piece of wood. That’s what she- ah forget it. NappaKnowHow made a sweet stencil in order to get the designs placed perfectly on the shield. It’s all in the details. HYAAAH!

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Guy builds nephews awesome light up spaceship panels

Imgur user, Cody2084, wanted to create a great Christmas gift for his two nephews. He took it upon himself to make two light up spaceship panels for them. “I decided to start designing something I would like to play with. Not knowing where to start, I used Apollo Command Module panels for reference, and my own experience with panels working …

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Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Christmas is said to be the season of forgiving, and while it’s also considered a cliché, it really does feel a whole lot better to spend the holidays with more people. Not to mention that it’s always better to start the New Year with less grudges and angst against anyone.

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Odd predictions from the past that actually came true

Vladimir Odoevsky, who came out with a novel called “Year 4338” in 1835, described a world in which instant messaging, blogging, and even status updates were a very popular form of communication. Sounds a lot like social media, no? In 1987, Apple introduced the world to a video called “Knowledge Navigator.” It was about the future of computing and boy …

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Irishman dies, thankfully his family provides him an almost perfect obituary

Listen, we all gotta kick the bucket at one point or another, and usually obituaries drone on about the wonderful legacy somebody left behind or how inspiring a person they were. But let’s face it, it’s more often than not boring & sentimental exposition made to skip all over the person’s flaws and spotlight only their most admirable qualities so …

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