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Some of the best recurring gags in ‘Family Guy’

Family Guy just celebrated their 250th episode and is known for a few long-running gags throughout the shows lifetime. Peter skins his knee and spends way too much time cradling the injury. KoolAid Man makes numerous appearances where he famously bursts through the wall. Herbert the Pervert always has a creepy attraction to children, but mainly just Chris. Everyone hating ...

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Tony Toutouni is Now The Biggest Douche on the Internet

Dan Bilzerian is now taking a back seat to Tony Toutouni who is making Dan look like PG-13 movie. Tony grew up poor in Iran, escaped to the U.S. and started a night club in Los Angeles in the early 90’s. After the night club success Tony Toutouni built up his business portfolio and started up his eccentric lifestyle and ...

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Dr. Woo has Been Tattooing Since he Was 13 and His Work is Awesome

Brian Woo’s father wanted him to be a doctor, but Brain decided to become a different kind of Doctor. Brian Woo started experimenting with tattoos when he was 13. He started an apprenticeship at Shamrock Social Club where The Sex Pistols, Tupac, and Johnny Depp and many others have been tattooed. Here is some of his amazing work.

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How Much the Human Body is Worth

Euro to Dollar conversion Corneas: $16,087.50 Skeleton: $5,367.05 Lungs: $220,935 Heart: $455,869.88 Kidney: $112,612.50 Liver: $111,540 Blood: $241.38/pint Skin: $6.44/inch Bones and ligaments: $3,861.49 Electricity: $131.93/year Car travel: $308.49 100 tb of storage: $2,681.31 Pumping power value: $91.17/year

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Jared Leto Makes the Perfect Joker in Suicide Squad

“Suicide Squad” director David Ayer gave the world its first look at Jared Leto’s Joker…and Jared Leto looks like he will make very creepy Joker and we love it. As ScreenRant pointed out, “Leto’s look and pose are a nod to ‘Batman: The Killing Joke,’” the 1988 Batman comics run in which Joker was a stand-up comedian who gets tangled ...

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Someone Made Cornbread Fired Chicken Cake…I Need This in My Life

Someone made cornbread fired chicken cake with mashed potato frosting and gravy drippings…Where to I sign my life away to eat this? The cake is the creation of Los Angeles-based baker Bree Miller, aka Bree’s Cakes, who says she got challenged to make the cake from a friend who had seen a photo of something similar. “He texted me a ...

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