Thursday , 11 February 2016

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Trick the fam into thinking you have your sh*t together this holiday

Say something like, “I think I’ve got some cab sav in the cupboard” this way it will look like you didn’t just get back from Walgreens for the cheapest bottle of wine, minutes before your fam walks in. The more the merrier, just bombard them with options and chances are they’ll just go with one of the first you offered …

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Guy Finds a 100 Year Old Bottle with Beer in it

Jon Crouse is a scuba diver from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and his hobby is collecting old bottles he finds while diving. Recently while diving he found something quite remarkable. While diving he found a bottle full of beer which a cork in it identifying the brewer so he started to do a little research. Based on the markings on the bottom of …

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