Sunday , 11 December 2016

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Get in your Delorean, we’re off to reboot city

Your childhood is getting a face lift. There are some serious big name reboots coming soon to a theater near you. Here are the most noteworthy and cringe worthy remakes that have been announced. Some of these could really benefit from the use of modern effects, others could really only go downhill. Hit or miss, you know you’ll be checking …

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Man Finds Way To Send Letter Without Knowing The Address

An Iceland tourist wanted to send a letter to someone, but unfortunately he didn’t know their address. Instead he drew a map and provided some important details on the envelope, and it worked because his letter was delivered. The guy actually drew a map on the envelope which leads to a farm in Hvammsveit, West Iceland. The map reads: ‘Country: …

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Guy is going for the dad of the year award with this bedroom

Growing up my dad built me some pretty awesome things but a room with a slide in it? Imgur user IScratchUntilIHaveNoSkinLeft took his son’s bedroom to the next level after his cousin randomly packed up and moved out while everyone was at work. “It’s a relatively small room (10′ x 11′) and was very worn down and torn up. We …

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Brazilian artist transforms random IG photos

Brazilian illustrator Lucas Levitan refers to himself as a “photo invader.” He browses Instagram looking for images which he transforms by adding his own artistic, cartoonish touch. The results are funny, sometimes poignant and add a fairy tale quality to the images. If you’d like for Lucas to “invade” one of your images, he invites submissions with the hashtag #iwanttobeinvaded.

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Sarcasm and life 101 with Dr. Cox

Scrubs was absolute TV gold and the character of Dr. Cox was nothing short of brilliant. His sarcastic quips and relationship with fellow doctors was all you needed to see to get hooked on the show. This guy taught me everything I know about sarcasm and some important realities about life as well.

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Woman’s Immortan Joe cosplay will get her a place in Valhalla

Imgur user spl33nix created an impressive Immortan Joe cosplay. She will surely be awaited in Valhalla. Front acrylic right out of the vacuformer. Finished acrylic form. Cutout the front piece (used a tank top as a template). Riveted the chest and back piece to attach the two pieces together by using leather twine to “corset” the sides. Test fitting the …

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17-year-old with cancer loses hair, doesn’t stop her from inspiring

Cancer can be tough, but 17-year-old Andrea Sierra Salazar is much, much tougher. The Texas resident lost her hair as a result of her fight with lymphoma. A photographer named Gerardo Garmendia caught wind of Andrea’s worries and took these amazing shots to help boost her self confidence. The results have gone viral across social media. Andrea: We salute you! …

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Science says, “Just do it!”

For years athletes supposedly abstained from sex before big events because it was thought to impair their performance—particularly for men. With current Olympians apparently bumping nasties at record pace, we wondered if there is any truth to this myth. Where does this superstition come from? Originally it was believed a man’s vigor was contained in his sperm. Could a man’s …

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