Wednesday , 28 September 2016

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Old School Dating Tips by Erika Jordan

We don’t want to play the game. We tell ourself we can just be ourselves  and the magic that is meant to be will unfold. You can sit around waiting for the unfolding or you can follow the rules and have a much higher success rate. Rules have been around since the beginning but when I encountered this article in …

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Grandfather doesn’t need Disneyland, builds own theme park for grandkids

Do long lines at amusement parks take the fun out of the experience? Steve Dobbs from Fullerton, California, heard such complaints from his grandkids on a recent visit to Disneyland. So, instead of promising to take his grandkids on a less busy day, the loving grandfather decided to bring the joy of an amusement park to them. Living so close …

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Get to know the Suicide Squad and their antihero abilities

Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated films of 2016, take a minute to get to know this wonderfully insane band of misfits. Deadshot Special Abilities: Skilled Marksman Weapon of Choice: Wrist Gun Slipknot Special Abilities: Silent Killer, Trained Assassin Weapon of Choice: Ropes stronger than metal Captain Boomerang Special Abilities: Master of the boomerang Weapon of Choice: Boomerang …

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Guy finds treasure trove of nostalgia at random garage sale

I’ve been to a few garage sales in my day, and it’s always stinky old clothes, and heavily used sewing machines. Lucky for this guy, that wasn’t the case. This purchaser tells his story: “Walked up to a random garage sale on Saturday and saw this. Chatted the seller up, and it turns out his father had bought this new, …

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Famous cartoons without their morning cup of coffee

Take Spongebob for instance… Green Alien from Toy Story   Pikachu Jules Winnfield Mr. Potato Head Po the teletubby Rocko Arnold Kermit the Frog Bart Dave Grohl Papa Smurf Bugs Bunny BB-8 Filburt Mr. Bighead Tweetie Bird Finn Ernie Beavis Yoda Blinky Bill Link Hello Kitty Gonzo The Mask Yzma Homer

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Sonic booms? actually, “no”

You may think that your looking at “sonic booms” but you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s almost impossible to “see” a sonic boom with the naked eye. As an aircraft gets near the speed of sound, around 767mph, a vapor cone forms around the plane. This cone forms from a discontinuity of air pressure and temperature when the air loses …

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Jay Leno knows his exotic cars, meet the “Beast”

In the words of Jay Leno, “what we have here is a super car that is not as expensive as other super cars”. Jay really knows and loves his cars. As of 2014, his collection totalled 130 cars and 93 motorcycles. As you can guess, they’re all both rare and real expensive. Rezvani is a small American company that has …

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