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OMG, Men shaved their faces with axes…

The only thing manlier than a luscious beard is cutting it off with an ax. Back in the 1930s, a group of manly men made names for themselves by shaving either themselves or other equally manly men with a tool usually reserved for tree murder. There was Oregon lumberjack Leonard Wallulis, who performed the stunt to get to the finals …

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Must-see events in nature that are a sight to see

Mammatus clouds These giant pouches that hang underneath a larger cloud make for an unbelievable sight. Unlike other clouds that are formed in rising air, these are formed in sinking air. Supercells A supercell is essentially a massive thunder storm that holds an updraft that is persistently rotating. They’re rare, but incredibly violent and can produce hail larger than baseballs. …

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Russian photoshop skills level: wizard

Russian artist Max Asabin can do amazing things with photoshop. His ability to transport people to any world or destination of their desire is incredible. His skills are so impressive, on the site DeviantArt he has gained over 35K followers. He’s even available to take your family photos to a whole other level of WTF.

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Single dads are nothing short of superheroes

“An Acrobatic Single Dad, Who Quits University To Join Circus, And His Adorable 3-Year-Old Son.” “Amazing To Hold My Son’s Hand And To Adventure With Him.” “A Little Over Two Years Ago My Daughter Made Me This Bracelet. It Was A Complete Turning Point In My Life And Never Leaves Me.” “Oh, You Know, Just A Little Spa And Movie …

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Some of the most dominant sports teams ever

10 teams who were head and shoulders above the competition. From rugby to basketball, these are the most dominant sports teams in history. 1970 Brazil National Team With a sport so popular around the world, there are bound to be some real all stars in every country. But when it came to Brazil in 1970, they were on a whole …

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Tennis wealth: you’ll never guess the #1

The following list of top wealth in the tennis world is for total Net Worth. This includes both carrier earnings on the court and additional wealth accumulated off the court (sponsorships/coaching/investments) minus their personal liabilities. Without googling the answer, you’ll never guess the former tennis pro that currently ranks #1 for top Net Worth. Stefan Edberg $25 million This Swede …

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