Saturday , 13 February 2016

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Artist gets creative using skulls as canvas

If you’re digging these skulls as much as we are, check out more from Jack of the Dust HERE. He’s got quite the story and has taken very little time to perfect his craft. I can already imagine one of these bad boys floating around our office getting its picture taken.

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Happy Chocolate Cake Day!!!

As you now know, because I just told you in the title, it’s National Chocolate Cake Day. As if we needed more reason to celebrate the chocolaty goodness of cake, now we all have a built in excuse to indulge in the nectar of the Gods. So maybe for lunch, treat yourself to a little bonus slice of chocolate cake. …

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Happy French Day!!

Before you start your New Year’s diet, feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful french fries ever! The diet can wait one more day, right?

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The Most Beautiful Villages From Around The World

If you’re going to be traveling in the future, you might want to put these beautiful villages on your destination list. Germany Greece France Italy China Scotland Japan UK Greenland Portugal Faroe Islands Austria Italy Spain Switzerland Norway Spain Italy Germany France

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