Thursday , 23 March 2017

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“Mom Don’t Read” – By Brian

Brian, I have to hand it to you buddy – you dream big. You set out to write a story badass enough to rival The Odyssey by Homer and you fuckin’ nailed it. Bravo. It might be the crudely drawn photo of you standing on boobs wielding a sword, it might be the fact that you described a girl as …

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Incredibly Beautiful Photos Of Abandoned Places

The ruins of an old castle in Sintra, Portugal An abandoned church in Detroit, USA Crystal Mill, Colorado, USA A forgotten railway tunnel in Paris, France Sintra Well, Portugal A ghost town destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, Belchite, Spain A house in the countryside, Norway The skeleton of a stranded ship in County Louth, Ireland A lonely abandoned church, France Another abandoned chapel The yellow brick road in a deserted ’Land of Oz’ …

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Lion on death’s doorstep is rescued and then finds love

The USDA recently investigated a local entertainment facility in Texas where they found several big cats in desperate need of aid. Among the exotic cats were Kahn and Sheila, and the duo was being used as attractions for birthday parties, weddings and private events. According to the USDA, they had been both severely neglected and abused. However, Shiela was in …

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