Thursday , 26 April 2018

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Stray Cat Brings Her Babies to Father And Son Who Gave Her Food

What seemed like an ordinary father and son’s camping trip took a cute turn when a stray cat came to their camp. The guys quickly made friends with the feline but weren’t really prepared for a starving visitor, so they improvised and caught a bluegill for a cat to feast on. But then… the cat just vanished. Until the next …

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Abandoned Cat With Dreadlocks Gets A Makeover

This poor cat was abandoned by her Alzheimer’s-suffering owner and it survived for years with severely matted fur. The cat was struggling to move because of the extra fur, but luckily the cat has been given a new home and a new look.

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People Were Scared Of This Cat, But A 7 Year Old Girl Saved Her

This poor disfigured cat was living on the streets of Instanbul, and most people refused to even look at it. Then one day a 7 year old girl showed up, and took the cat in. The cat was taken to the vet who surgically repaired some of the animal’s features, and now it has the life it’s always deserved.

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Woman Finds A New Friend In A Deaf And Earless Cat

Molly Lichtenwalner suffers from anxiety disorder so she decided she needed a cat. When she saw a deaf and earless white cat named Otitis, she knew it was meant to be, so, she adopted him. She says that when she adopted him she was having severe anxiety because a car accident, and that he is the only thing that can …

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Cat abandoned for being ‘too ugly’ finds a place to call home

This little kitten is named Romeo, and he was born with a deformity that left him looking a little different than most kitties. Romeo was deemed ‘too ugly’ for anyone to adopt him and left abandoned. That was until Santuario Compasión Animal in Spain caught word of the dapper little guy and stepped in to rescue him. “They told us …

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The World’s Oldest Cat Is 31 Years Young

This tabby kitty just celebrated his 31st birthday, which makes him 141 in human years. The cat’s name is Nutmeg, and his owners took him in back in 1990. Last year Nutmeg suffered a stroke, but now he’s stronger and better than ever.

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