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Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck In A Terrible Spot

A poor cat from a small town in Massachusetts got his head stuck in a sewer grate and he needed a little assistance getting out. The local firefighters were more than happy to answer the call and they made sure that the cat was safely returned home.

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Cat Owners Use GPS To Learn About Their Pets’ Habits

A few Australian cat owners decided to tag their cats with GPS units so that they could see where the cats are going in their free time. Most of the owners assumed that their cats were staying local but a few of them were surprised when they finally saw where their cats were roaming.

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This Cat Burglar Loves To Steal Underwear

Brigit is a cat from Hamilton, New Zealand that likes to prowl the streets at night. Brigit has something very specific that she likes to steal while she’s out on the prowl. She steals men’s underwear and men’s socks and she’s collected over 50 pairs of socks and 11 pairs of underwear over the past few months.

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