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Matilda the cat’s giant eyes are a medical mystery

For anyone thinking that this photo is photoshopped, think again. This one-of-a-kind feline actually has enourmous eyes. Although this may look like something out of a science fiction film, this is actually Matilda the cat and a rare disease is causing her eyes to continue growing in size, giving her an ‘alien’ like appearance. Before anyone gets too concerned, Matilda …

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Meet Melissa, The ‘Einstein’ Cat Who Loves To Stick Her Tongue Out

One of the internet’s favorite photos of Albert Einstein features the iconic scientist sticking his tongue out at the camera and showing his light-hearted side. This adorable kitty in Russia named Melissa looks just like Einstein’s famous photo when she sticks her tongue, which is pretty much all the time! Melissa, a Scottish fold, belongs to Alina Esther, a photographer …

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Meet George The Cat That Thinks He’s Human

Awww, he thinks he’s people! George is a cat that prefers to stand on two legs and looks like he intends to one day become a real person and take over the world. George’s owner shared his photos on Reddit, where he wrote, “he is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Really bizarre, but sweet.” Here is George as a …

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This Couple Forgot To Tell Their Cat They’d Had A Baby

Poor, poor cat. This couple forgot to tell their cat they’d had a baby… …and there is really nothing more to say. . The cat – whose picture has gone all over the internet in the last few days – is called Roxy, and Roxy’s owners would like you know she’s fine with it now.

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Adorable photos proving that your kids need a cat

Dogs get a lot of love as awesome family pets, but don’t write cats off. When they are not planning world domination, cats can be wonderful purring companions for children. Though they are excellent family pets, make sure your cat is socialized and that your children understand your cat’s boundaries – they may get a nasty scratch otherwise!

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12 Very Important Cat Shapes

Let’s learn geometry the fun way — with cats, obvs. 1. Square Cat 2. Circle Cat 3. Rectangle Cat 4. Triangle Cats 5. Heart Cats 6. Um … Rhombus Cat? 7. Pyramid Cat 8. Sector Cat 9. Crescent Cat 10. Cylinder Cat 11. Oval Cat 12. Cube Cat … Some cats, however, prefer to invent their own shapes.

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Meet Albert: The Sheep-Cat With A Bitchy Resting Face

“Bitchy resting face” is a totally serious condition in which an individual’s resting, unemotional face naturally looks like it’s angry. Albert the cat suffers from this serious condition, which is hilarious because his luscious, curly fur also makes him look like a sheep (the curls are a hallmark of his breed, the Selkirk Rex).

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Guilty Cats Who Deserve To Be Shamed Publicly

Being a cat owner is full of unfortunate surprises. Sometimes though, your cat will do something so outrageous, you wonder what’s going on in his or her crazy little head. These are the funniest stories I found on the internet.

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