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Intimate Portraits Of Stray Cats That I Took In My Hometown

I’m a photographer from Lithuania, 19 years old. A few stray cats live near my house and about a year ago I tried to take some photos of them. Two months ago I looked at these photos and realized that stray cats look really interesting, not like regular, cute cats that we usually see. I started the search of stray …

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Cats Doing Sexy Poses

Cats are always a bit theatrical, right? Rachael Aslett, the person behind “Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls” has found striking similarities between normal house cats and the magazine spreads of yesteryear.

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If You Are Going To Have A Cat, Look What Is Waiting For You

You will lose your cat for several hours and panic, before finding them at the back of the wardrobe. At first you will try to stop your cat destroying your furniture, but eventually you will realise that some territory will have to be surrendered. You will call your cat many names, but rarely the name you actually gave them. You …

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