Thursday , 22 February 2018

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Stray Dog Follows Flight Attendant And Finds A New Home

This dog took a chance and found itself a forever home. Olivia Sievers is a German flight attendant who made frequent flights to Buenos Aires. She met there a stray dog that she called Rubio. She gave him some food and petted him. After this the dog followed her to her everywhere. Then every time she flew to Buenos Aires …

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Dog Saves Its Owner From Getting Stabbed

This woman’s ex boyfriend was waiting for her with a knife but luckily her dog Lucy sensed the danger. Lucy did what she needed to do and jumped into action to defend her owner. Unfortunately Lucy got stabbed in the process but it just goes to show that a dog’s loyalty knows no boundaries.

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These Dogs Look Very Suspicious

There are three dogs that live in this house and one of them is up to no good. Woke up to find feathers in the hall way. I’m on the case! Possible victim: bird Suspect #1: Fenway. Possible motive: He’s a dog. Alibi: He’s a good boy. More feathers in the kitchen. Suspect #2: Brittany. Known alias: Confession bear lookalike. …

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Starving Dog Gets Nursed Back To Health

A few weeks ago police in the city of Granada, Spain received a call about a dog that was being mistreated. When they found the dog he was nothing but skin and bones until he found some new owners that give him all the love and food he needs.

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There Is Dog’s Paradise And It Is Called “The Land Of The Strays”

“Land of the Strays” is a privately funded, volunteer-run organization in Costa Rica with over 900 dogs ready for adoption. The dogs roam free and any visitor can play with them. There is also no pressure for visitors to adopt a dog. The shelter follows a no-kill policy and the dogs are well cared for. The dogs are no purebreds …

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