Monday , 23 January 2017

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These Party Animals Had A Little Too Much Fun On New Year’s Eve

Oof. January 1st is here again: the day for Advil, vitamin C, sunglasses, closed curtains, and a vast array of hangover remedies. That fifth, sixth, or seventh glass of celebratory champagne seemed like the best idea you ever had at 1AM, but come morning, there’s nothing you regret more. Your head is pounding and you wish that you had a …

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Stray Dog Joins Swedish Sports Team

A stray dog joined the Swedish team in the multi-sports Championships in Ecuador. A member of the team gave him a meatball and he’s been their loyal companion ever since. As you can see he’s truly a team player.

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This Three Legged Dog Is A Veteran

Layka is the type of veteran that usually gets forgotten about On Veterans Day. Layka served in the military and gave one of her limbs to protect her country. Never forget that humans aren’t the only ones who serve.

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This Dog Came Back From The Brink Of Death

This is Alex. Alex was in rough shape not too long ago. He was wandering the streets of New Orleans eating anything he could which included rocks and twigs. He had to have all of that junk removed from his stomach before it was too late.

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