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This Dog Came Back From The Brink Of Death

This is Alex. Alex was in rough shape not too long ago. He was wandering the streets of New Orleans eating anything he could which included rocks and twigs. He had to have all of that junk removed from his stomach before it was too late.

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Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Grave

18-year-old Sri Bhaskar (Bhaskar Shri), died in a car accident last month and his dog Tommy just didn’t want to let him go. Tommy spent two weeks laying at his owner’s grave. Tommy ignored the weather and almost went without food and water. Losing a friend is tough.

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This Lucky Dog Gets To Ride A Motorcyle

This dog may be one of the luckiest dogs on the planet because he gets to ride a motorcycle, sort of. His owner made him a cool and comfy trailer to make sure that his dog can go with him on motorcycle rides. That’s love right there.

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