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Great Moments in Police Blotter History

Sometimes I worry about the state of the world and the crazy shit you hear on the news, and all the positive and negative stuff that police officers have to deal with. Then I read these actual police blotter reports, and realize, we’re all gonna be fine. Might get concussions from face-palming so hard, but we’ll be fine.

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Horrendously Awful Swimsuits

It’s pool season, so make sure you’re up to date with the latest trends, preferably ones that don’t involve any of these gems. Keep it simple, make sure it’s comfortable (even when you’re wet) and always double check to make sure it’s NOT see-through.

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Parents leave babysitter the most honest note ever

Babysitting can be strange at times. People entrust the life of their spawns to you, and you have no bearing of how to handle them. Luckily, some parents leave notes to help out with their little demons. And what we have here might be the most honest note that parents have ever left for a babysitter. The babysitter’s boyfriend tweeted …

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