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World records that accomplished absolutely nothing

The most number of people in a car. Covered by the largest number of bees. The largest pair of jeans. The largest sushi mosaic. Longest basketball spin while balancing on a toothbrush in his mouth. The largest gathering of “twerkers.” The biggest cup of cappuccino. The biggest barbecue in the world. The largest prenatal yoga class. Run over by the …

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Clumsy Boy Trips Head First into an $1,5 Million Museum Painting

The 350 year old painting by Italian artist, Paolo Porpora was torn when a 12-year-old Taiwanese boy fell against it. Fortunately the painting is insured so it can be restored and he didn’t spill any of his drink on the painting. It was part of the Face of Leonardo, Images of a Genius exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. The boy’s family …

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