Sunday , 21 January 2018

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Grab Some Quick Knowledge With These Interesting Facts

Food, entertainment, and fun usually pleasure our mind and not our brain. The brain is a very important organ in our body that controls all our actions and defines who we’re. As a result, it needs to be active each day in order to improve its power and efficiency. Don’t worry if you’re confused about what to feed your brain …

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A quick refresher on types of coffee

Coffee. Otherwise known as the gasoline for humans, it’s of those things that people either love or hate. For a lot of people, it’s a necessity in the morning. For others, well, they can’t stand it. Wherever you fall in the coffee spectrum, here is a guide that you might find helpful the next time you decide to take a …

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Artists makes an art form out of avocados

One day artist Boris Toledo Doorm was nomming on some avocado, like he’d done so many days before, when a started to wonder if he could make artwork using the green food as his medium. 6 hours later he had completed his first masterpiece and he realized he could in fact use the food as a viable canvas for a …

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Fast Food Addict Drops Major Weight After Making A Big Change

Blaire Haney was unhealthy and overweight at the age of 19 so she did something drastic. She dropped out of college and went to a special rehab center for food addicts. Now she’s 23 years old and she’s gone down an astounding nine dress sizes and she’s finally comfortable with her own body.

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Lesser-known discounts at some of the most popular restaurant chains

Because who doesn’t love free (or heavily discounted) food, right? Chili’s $5 margaritas on Thursdays. They have different types on discount depending on the day or location, so call ahead.   If you sign up for their Rewards program, you get points every time you eat there, and then you can redeem those points for food. Go on your birthday …

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