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This tiny dog trolls a DIY job masterfully

Meet this adorable tiny dog. No name provided so let’s call her “Maise” for now. Maise used to go up and down the stairs until one day she took a tumble and has been scared ever since. So “Megan” (also no name provided) decides to fix up her stairs a bit to help Maise out. She doesn’t want to ruin …

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You Are Not Fooling Anyone

There is nothing we hate more than a liar! These pictures are full of lies from people who think they can get away with scamming us, shame hame. Take a look at these pictures of people who are not fooling anyone:

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Drunk People Are So Much Fun To Mess With

We have all been there, or at least had a friend who has. You go out to have a few drinks with some friends, and next thing you know either you or them are completely obliterated! Two Drinks turn into ten, and now the fun begins. Sometime you are the one doing the drawing, and other times you are the …

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