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The Most Epic Guy on Tinder

If I was single, this is the type of guy I would go for. Rock on you glorious beast. Ryan you magical man you, you’re awesome and we hope you get all of the ladies.

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Some of the best recurring gags in ‘Family Guy’

Family Guy just celebrated their 250th episode and is known for a few long-running gags throughout the shows lifetime. Peter skins his knee and spends way too much time cradling the injury. KoolAid Man makes numerous appearances where he famously bursts through the wall. Herbert the Pervert always has a creepy attraction to children, but mainly just Chris. Everyone hating ...

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Quarter life poetry

Growing up isn’t all bad. As young adults, we get to make our own decisions, decide who our friends are and do whatever we want. Yay, more wine please! However, with age comes responsibility. Writer and actress, Samantha Jayne , perfectly captures how difficult ‘learning to adult’ is through her quarter life poetry artwork.

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