Thursday , 25 August 2016

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A Bit Of Car Humor To Brighten Up Your Day

Ever heard of car humor? What if we told you seeing these car humor pics can brighten up your day? Well, that’s the truth. We see a lot of cars on the road, but these are just ridiculous! Enjoy these absurd vehicular moments…

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Dirty Humor Might be the Best Humor

Hey you! I know you have a dirty humor mind and that’s why you are here. Everybody says they have the perfect, innocent mind that cannot be tainted, but the truth is everybody has a tiny piece of dirtiness in their minds.

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Ballet cat dances with such beauty and grace

Some cats might excel in hunting mice or birds, others might have more of a fondness for napping or eating lasagna, but this curious feline has decided to take up something a tad more off the beaten path — dancing. Ballet dancing to be precise.

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