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Funny Comics That Totally Tackle The Problems That Come With Being A Mom

Natalia Sabransky is a freelance illustrator from Argentina and two and a half years ago she became a mom. She found out pretty quickly that life as a mother can be overwhelming at times. She decided to make some funny illustrations so she could share her problems with the world and they’re something that every mom should be able to …

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18 Ads From 1915 That Prove We’ve Come A Long Way In 100 Years

It was a big year for WTF, apparently. Looking at you, Kellogg’s. 1. This dead-eyed Kellogg’s kid who has been haunting nightmares for the last century. I’m so sorry, J.C. Leyendecker, you’re my illustration hero, but like, no. 2. This ad that urges boys to grow mushrooms in discreet places for money, for some reason. Seems legit. 3. This story …

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