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Pictures That Are Impossible To Argue With

Life is all about truths and lies, Some you agree with and some pictures that are impossible to argue with. Well here are some facts that will definitely have to agree with, even if you don’t want to. Scroll down and start thinking and blowing your mind.

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A few toasts to share with your friends this weekend

When it comes to drinking and giving a toast, why not say a little more than your ordinary “Cheers!” “Here’s to women’s panties. They may not be the best thing in the world, but they’re the closest thing to it.” “May our lives be in songs, our deaths in text books, and our names in history!” “Here’s to those who …

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These Drivers Have Gone Crazy, Seriously!!!

Driving is a thing that should be done with extra care and attention, for your own safety and the safety of those people around you. That being said, it’s time to meet some drivers who lost the ability to think and have gone crazy when they took the wheel. Here are the stupid things done by crazy drivers while behind …

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