Saturday , 24 February 2018

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Plus-Size Pin-Up Girl From The 1950s

The woman was an icon and her curvy figure pretty much defined the “pin-up” style. But sometimes people forget about the other pin-up girls that are really worth remembering – Hilda, for example.

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People Were Scared Of This Cat, But A 7 Year Old Girl Saved Her

This poor disfigured cat was living on the streets of Instanbul, and most people refused to even look at it. Then one day a 7 year old girl showed up, and took the cat in. The cat was taken to the vet who surgically repaired some of the animal’s features, and now it has the life it’s always deserved.

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Little Girl Born With A White Patch Of Hair Just Like Her Mom

MilliAnna Worthy from Ridgeland, South Carolina was born with a distinctive birthmark just like her mother Brianna, and her grandmother and great grandmother. She has a white patch in her hair which is caused by poliosis, and condition that creates a lack of pigment in hair and surrounding skin.

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Little Girl Befriends An Elderly Man And Changes His Life

Tara Wood’s daughter Norah changed an elderly man’s life when she stopped to talk to him in the supermarket. They took a picture together and when Tara posted the photo on Facebook, her friends recognized the man as Mr. Dan, and told her that his wife had died earlier in the year. A couple of days later Tara and Norah …

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Girl With Unusual Talent

Gerkary Blanco, a girl from Venezuela, has not done anything remarkable in order to become famous. But one anatomical peculiarity of hers helped her get multiple followers on Instagram. The thing is that the girl’s tongue is so long that she can lick her own eyes with it.

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