Saturday , 24 February 2018

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Many Afghan Girls Are Not Allowed To Ride Bicycles

Skateistan, an innovative NGO in Kabul founded to empower Afghan children (and especially young girls), teaches children to skateboard as a gateway to get them more involved in education. In many Afghan communities, it is customary to forbid women from riding bicycles. Skateboarding, then, becomes an empowering activity that gives these girls a source of physical exercise, empowerment, and some …

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Girl Was Afraid To Wear Dress To Cinderella Movie

Jesse Nagy’s 4-year-old niece Izzy really wanted to dress up as a princess to go see Disney’s new Cinderella live action movie, but she was afraid that no one else would dress up. That’s when the tattooed and muscular 26-year-old actor decided to dress up as a princess to make sure that Izzy would feel fine going to the movie …

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Things Every British Schoolgirl Did In The ’00s

“Am I ‘Charlie Red’ or ‘So…. Kiss Me!’ today?” Spent ages playing the “Love Calculator” and working out which way of doing it would give you the best result.  Played M.A.S.H. during rainy day lunch breaks. And you’d do both of these with your huge collection of gel pens. Bought individually from the counter in WH Smiths, of course. Agonised …

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The Girl Who Spent Thousands Becoming Pamela Anderson

29 year old Carolyn Anderson has spent over $30,000 (£20,000) throughout the past 20 years transforming herself into a Pamela Anderson replica. Her obsession started when her dad compared her to the star at the age of nine and she has maintained it ever since.

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Friendship Between A Little Girl And Her Cat

We Are The Same But Different “We Are The Cats” – Photographer Andy Prokher took this amazing picture of his daughter, Katherine (Kat), and her best friend and pet, Lilu. We love it because you immediately see the love between the two with that little sparkle in the eye. There is nothing like the bond between a child and her …

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Brave Little Girl

After her young sister Natalie was diagnosed with cancer a 7-year-old Hannah Grosegnor decided to shave her head to show support.

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