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He Turned His Jeep Into A House On Wheels. This Is Amazing!

Dan bought one Jeep, got to work on it, but not long after that, the engine exploded. After a period of feeling like a failure, the world traveler picked himself back up and bought a new car. He decided his plans were too big and too exciting to let go of. These were the dimensions for his custom-built cabinetry. He …

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Spanish Family Moves Into Unusual Looking House

A wealthy Spanish family wanted to move into a home which would reflect their way of life a little more so they turned to architectural bureau Z4Z4 AAA and then moved into a Tobogan house. The house is 512 square meters and it’s made up of two units and it looks unlike any house you’ve ever seen.

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Meet The Couple That Lets A Hog Live Inside Their House

Dorian and Raffaele Giustozzi from Italy found this hog living in the wild and close to death. They decided to take him in and nurse him back to health but they had a hard time letting him go. He’s become a part of the family and now they couldn’t imagine living life without him.

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Former Apple Employee Selling Top Of The Line Smart House

Former head of Apple, Michael Barnik started construction on this home back in 2005 but now he no longer needs it. This gigantic mansion is referred to as a “smart home” because it’s decked out with all the latest technology. This Santa Barbara mansion can be all yours for only $35 million.

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These People Live In Tiny Houses That Are Really Awesome

Most people want to live in gigantic houses with a huge backyard. But these people are more than happy to live in their tiny homes. They may not have a lot of space, but they have financial freedom. Bernadette downsized to a whimsical 172 sq ft tiny home in Maryland Lina’s Oregon tiny home is only 100 sq ft Art …

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