Saturday , 24 February 2018

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Man Builds Excellent House Made Of Straw

A businessman from Vladikavkaz built himself a house in the center of the city, and he built it using mostly straw. He says that it has great thermal conductivity, and the straw is much cheaper than conventional building materials.

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This Is Europe’s Most Expensive Home

Pierre Cardin, creator of the famous Bubble Dress in 1958, purchased this home, known as Le Palais Bulles in the early 1990s and now it’s listed for around $456 million, and it’s Europe’s most expensive home. The house is made up of many bubbles and is located on a cliff over the Mediterranean, it comes with a garden, swimming pool, …

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No One Wants To Buy This House Because Of The Crazy Design

This home in Hillsborough, California is known to the locals as the “Flintstones House” due to its quirky design. It’s been on the market for a year now with an asking price of $4.2 million and it can be yours if you’re up for living in something a little different and have a few million dollars laying around. Even from …

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He Turned His Jeep Into A House On Wheels. This Is Amazing!

Dan bought one Jeep, got to work on it, but not long after that, the engine exploded. After a period of feeling like a failure, the world traveler picked himself back up and bought a new car. He decided his plans were too big and too exciting to let go of. These were the dimensions for his custom-built cabinetry. He …

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