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Man Recreates 11 Famous Romantic Movie Scenes With His Boss’s Dog

When Chris Naka’s boss started bringing her dog, Wrigley, to work, a special bond between Chris and Wrigley was born. Where others saw a 13-year-old dog, Chris saw an opportunity to reenact scenes from some of Hollywood’s greatest romances. The Graduate, 1967 16 Candles, 1984 Top Gun, 1986 Dirty Dancing, 1987 Say Anything, 1989 Ghost, 1990 Titanic, 1997 Spider-Man, 2002 …

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A Collection Of Unusual And Bizarre Retro Vehicles

If you have seen the movie ‘Wild Wild West’, then you might be familiar with that strange steam-powered tarantula which looks absolutely weird. Well, that’s the case with most of the retro vehicles that you’re about to see in this collection. People in the history had some weird idea in making some bizarre retro vehicles like these so that they …

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Dan Ohlman Shows Off His Miniature Movie Sets

CGI is used for just about everything nowadays but there was once a time when it wasn’t so prevalent. Miniature sets were often used to create movies and former cabinet maker Dan Ohlman fell in love with the concept. He ended up opening Musée Miniature et Cinéma which is a five story museum in France that is home to 100 …

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