Sunday , 11 December 2016

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People Are Trying To Prove That Their Pets Can See Pokèmon Go

Pokemon Go is a global obsession and people are playing it constantly. No matter where you go now you see someone playing Pokemon, and some people are convinced that pets can see the Pokemon from the game. Photos have been popping up on social media which feature animals looking at Pokemon suspiciously. Take a look and see what you think.

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19 Awesome Photos Of Famous People From Before They Were Famous

An interesting look at some of the world’s most famous stars before they hit it big. Milla Jovovich eating at a diner in the early stages of her modeling career. Steve Buscemi working as a New York City firefighter. Frank Sinatra after being arrested. Nicole Kidman promoting 1983 movie BMX Bandits. A young Kurt Cobain practicing guitar. Robin Williams in …

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