Saturday , 29 April 2017

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Hip Grandpa Dresses Better Than Most People Half His Age

Günther Krabbenhöft likes to look and feel good. He’s redefining style and showing that grandpas can be just as cool if not cooler than their grandchildren. Some people on the Internet believe Gunther to be 104 years old but it turns out he’s closer to 70 but much younger at heart.

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Paralyzed Woman Shows That People Will Disabilities Can Still Be Sexy

This is Rachel Friedman and she was unfortunately left paralyzed after a freak accident that occurred during her bachelorette party. Since then she’s become an advocate for disability awareness and she wants people with disabilities to know that it’s ok to embrace their sexuality. She recently did a lingerie photo shoot to show the world that just because she’s paralyzed …

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There are Two Kinds of People

A Lisbon, Portugal art director has created a fun little side project called 2 Kinds of People. As the name suggests, it aims to find small, clever ways to distinguish the ‘two kinds of people’ in the world.

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Rachel Washburn: Former NFL Cheerleader Joined the US Military

It’s not often you can have a conversation and say hey did you hear an NFL cheerleader joined the US Military? Actually don’t think it has ever happened before this. Rachel Washburn is a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader who, after three years with the team, decided to join the US Military. Following her second second tour in Afghanistan USA Today did a fascinating …

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Terminally Ill Dog Does a Cross-country Trip

Poh the dog is on a cross-country adventure with his owner who adores him. Neil Rodriguez has had his buddy Poh for 15 years and as any dog owner will say it’s never long enough. Poh has lived with Neil since he was 8 weeks old and they both have loved every moment of it. When veterinarians told Neil that …

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The Cleveland Browns Sign a 9 Year Old Fan to a NFL Contract

Dylan Sutcliffe who is 9 years old and has always dreamed of playing for the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with ataxia telangiectasia a genetic disorder that creates a vast amount of issues in the human body. Even though he has this crippling disorder Dylan got to be part of the Cleveland Browns organization. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, …

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