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19 Year Old Finds Long Lost Pictures Of Nirvana’s First Show

19 year old Maggie Poukkula found something incredible when she went through her dad’s old photos. She found pictures from a party that her dad held at his house in 1987 that also happened to be Nirvana’s first gig. The pictures even show her dad sitting in with the band as they jammed on some Led Zeppelin cover songs.

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Awesome pictures found in your beer

Drunk T-Rex Goose Stag Yin and Yang Google map your way into a drink Wicked witch Do you want a beer? The tree of life stems from your pilsner. You have beer, be happy! ‘Merica But why stop there. The whole world likes beer! Why so serious? Have another round! If you drink enough you’ll start to see cool tattoo …

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This Circus Artist Couple Takes The Best Pictures, No Matter Where They Are

Richard Hanks and Ashlee Montague are one of those couples who are always all over each other. It’s okay though, nothing to shield the kids’ eyes over. The dancers-turned-acrobats are circus artists who have a penchant for taking the perfect couples photo. When it’s time for the two to commemorate a moment, Ashlee simply pops onto Richard’s head and strikes …

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