Saturday , 21 April 2018

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These Statues Move On Their Own, And Their Story Is Tragic

Statues that move on their own might sound a bit creepy, but these two moving statues in Batumi, Georgia, will break your heart. The large-scale piece features a man and a woman made of metal slats. At first, the statues face each other. After a while, they begin moving closer and closer to one another. They continue moving forward until …

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Fun With Statues

Statues are typically posed in elegant and beautiful positions. Let’s see what us humans can do to ruin all that…

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Strip Dance in Front of Statues of Chuchok

Girls dance in front of statues of Chuchok, a greedy Brahmin who died in a story from the Buddhist Vessantara Jataka from gluttony due to his new found wealth, at Baan Chuchok in Bangkok August 21, 2012. Some Thai Buddhist’s hire dancers to give thanks to Chuchok statues after their wishes have been fulfilled. It is believed that wealth and …

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