Wednesday , 20 June 2018

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Couple Purchases A Street In San Francisco

After the board failed to pay the $14 a year property tax, Tina Lam and Michael Cheng bought this street with 38 mansions on it in San Francisco for only $90,000. They may start charging residents rent for their parking spaces, and residents are shocked by the news.

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A Street In Beirut Is Being Used As A River Of Garbage

Six months ago authorities in Beirut closed the landfill the trash began piling up on this street. Now it’s become a major problem and the street looks like giant river of garbage. Authorities are currently working on getting the garbage transported to Russia for disposal.

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Dying Street Dog Rescued

On May 12, Diane and Tony Rowles, the staff of Ruzodem Street Dog Rescue in Bulgaria, received a post on their website from someone who had spotted a dog in desperate need in a nearby town. Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is a nonprofit Bulgarian foundation that rescues sick and abused street dogs, rehabilitates them, and gives them loving homes.

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Enormous Sinkhole Swallows A Section Of The Street

This massive sinkhole opened up to be 65 feet wide within this Hertfordshire residential neighborhood. Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue says that they were aware of the hole and hand plans to fill it in but it doesn’t look like they got there in time.

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This Amazing Art Exhibit Is So Small You’d Probably Walk Right Over It

Slinkachu is an artist who has been “abandoning little people on the street since 2006.” What he does is search the streets of London for unassuming locations in which to hide tiny, little sculptures. If you’ve spent any time in the U.K. capital in the past ten year, there’s a chance you’ve walked right by his art without even noticing.

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Seth Globepainter’s Murals of Children Immersed in Colorful Galaxies

Julien Seth Malland’s murals revive crumbling walls with vibrant images of children immersed in galaxies of color. The Paris-based artist, who also goes by the pseudonym Seth Globepainter, adds depth to flat, brick-and-plaster walls with a palette of vibrant hues that seem inspired by a crayon box. These rainbow splashes are contrasted by plain drawings of children that look like …

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