Thursday , 27 April 2017

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Man Finds Mysterious Book That Can Not Be Explained

People discover strange things all the time, but this random book has to be one of the strangest discoveries ever found. The box was handmade from wood, fit with hinges, a handle and a pair of locks. From what was written here, it appears that the author had an experience that was definitely not from here. A hand-drawn table of …

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Strange Creatures That People Actually Believe In

Everyone’s heard tales in their life about strange creatures that sound too crazy to be real. But there are plenty of people out there who believe these creatures exist. Bigfoot We have all heard the stories about a large, hairy creature running around in the woods late at night. People have different names for this creature, but famously, he is …

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Crazy And Bizarre Objects That Fell From The Sky

You just never know what’s going to fall from the sky and land at your feet. Three metal spheres fell from the sky in Vietnam in January 2016. The largest object weighed about 45kg (99lb) and was found near a stream in Tuyen Quang province. Another orb landed in a local resident’s garden in the neighboring Yen Bai region, while …

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