Thursday , 22 March 2018

The Best April Fools Day Pranks On The Internet For 2016

Is April Fools Day 2016 The best Yet? You Decide:
April Fools Day 2016 is here, and while we may not have a prank for you, we have a roundup of some of the best April Fools Day 2016 pranks from around the Internet!
Tumblr Helps Decide Our Future Lizard Leader:


Tumblr is allowing its users to vote for their preferred lizard leader. The nominees include Mop, Rick, Deborah, and Wretched Tooth. Only you can help decide the future cold blooded dictator of our world!

Google Cardboard Plastic:


This is the first headset for “actual reality.” You can watch the fake ad here.



Pornhub has replaced everything on their front page with corn. Don’t worry though, you can still get to all your other “essentials.”

The All New Lexus V-LCRO Technology:


Lexus announced that it’s making a Velcro chair for its cars. Passengers would have to wear a suit made of Velcro, as well (which we are sure Lexus would charge a stupid amount of money for.) You can watch the obviously fake ad here.

OpenTable Taste:


The popular restaurant reservation app has added a new feature which lets you select a meal you’d like to taste from one of your favorite restaurants, and then lick that photo through your phone. Finally you can taste that juicy burger without all the calories! You can watch the fake ad here.

T-Mobile’s Binge On:


Wireless provider T-Mobile is offering customers these (unfortunately fake) helmets that let you binge all of the content you want from your phone. Binge on! Check out the fake ad here.

Sony’s Proton Pack:


Sony claims it has finally created the world’s first ghost-catching device. Now if you could just figure out how to turn this into a vacuum and then tell your wife she can pretend she is in the new Ghostbusters movie. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the clean living room 😉  You can watch the fake ad here.

YouTube #SnoopaVision


Hey Hey Heeeey, Watch Snoop erryday! YouTube has an actual button on all its videos today that lets you watch Snoop Dogg watch YouTube in 360-degree video. You can watch the fake ad here.

Yahoo’s (now-deleted) “Trader Joe’s to Close All Stores by 2017, Plans to Discontinue Products” article.


This is probably the most destructive thing we have seen all year. I motion to shut down Yahoo and see how they like it! This is cruel and unusual and ruins the spirit of April fools. Shame on you Yahoo! Check out twitter to see how destructive this tweet actually was…

Whole Foods’ Main Squeeze


Whole Foods has released what appears to be a kale- and quinoa-centric dating app, but sadly, when you click on the download button, it just takes you to its main app. The even more sad thing is that people who are whole foods addicts would actually use something like this. What is society coming to

Google Evening


In Russia, paper googles you! The Russian office for Google announced a newspaper called Evening Google that comes with printed coupons to send Google search queries. You can watch the fake ad here.

Rent – A – Pug


Ever wanted to get a taste of the Pug Life? Rug Doctor is offering to rent pugs and calling the service “Pug Doctor.” Pug rhymes wit rug, get it?


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