The End Is Near

  • sadfqcqcwecwqecqwc

    The picture is a well known photoshopped hoax.

  • KatRin

    “sadfqcqcwecwqecqwc says:
    November 16, 2010 at 3:10 am
    The picture is a well known photoshopped hoax.”

    it could be true
    large cats eyes do glow yellow and the puma could posibly come upon them like that and usaly be stalking a human that just shot its prey but the animal would usaly have to be unsecesful in hunting by itself

  • WesOrion

    sadwtfever, have you ever been in a wilderness area? Cougars aka Pumas aka Mountain Lions will and do hunt humans, when they are given a change. My own father was tracked by a cougar when he worked for the Forestry Service in Washington State and when he worked for a cattle ranch in Montana.