Monday , 23 October 2017

The Tallest Teen Girl in the World

  • 14 year, 206 cm. She needs play basketball

  • John Joe

    Wow, what a beautiful teen girl. I would have loved to dated a girl like her when I was a teen. I just hope her heart holds up.

  • sheistootall

    Oh she is so hot

  • Glen

    She should become a model. She is beautiful and thin. She would fit right in in America

  • Nikki

    WOW! That AND beautiful??! Why isn’t this girl on someone’s runway??
    I hope to see her in my Vogue mags very soon.

  • very nice

  • Willow

    I see a bright future for this girl.

  • Milah

    Wow she is really pretty

  • is this world records

  • yelp

    she looks exactly like one of my ex’s but she wasn’t that tall

  • “.. She is beautiful and thin. She would fit right in in America”

    No, these are reasons she would stand out in America. ZINNG.

  • harman

    the girl is ugly

  • harman

    i hate the girl im preetie

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  • Shes good looking, though her being that tall will always set her out from her human relations – unless aspired into basketball or a random tall sport.

  • May be the Tallest teenage girl in the world.

  • Letay Lemlem

    She is unique and potential to star model. good luck Elsany

  • very tall girls

  • Now if only she was a preop tranny, she would be perfect.

  • anunoyz

    Makings for a great movie.

  • Jake

    Avatar anyone?

  • woowwww

  • boyka

    Perfekct for Avatar Movie….

  • 15 years old and that tall? She seems to have a great self-image for standing out so much.

    I wonder if Shaquile O’Neal and Yao Ming are both married yet… just a few more years and she could hang out with rich guys who are much taller than even she is.

  • star

    Jeez, she looks like an ex of mines, we had so much fun rubbing clitoris together :}

  • She’s 2 meters of dripping hot chocolate, would make a great dominatrix!

  • Sam

    perfect match is Khali from WWE ….. lol

  • Ivan

    OMG, she is beautiful, I’m 190 cm tall and she is still taller than me, wonderful!!

  • Sarhara Jefferson

    She is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL.! Can’t wait till she’s on the runway.!

  • jack

    I would love to bang this tall chick.

  • M.Adeel

    I think she is very Tall and her age is only 14,she will grow more taller, she can break the record,i like her very much………………………….

  • jimmo

    she should do porn in a few years

  • Jack

    Big penis for a big lady

  • Mr Evilwrench

    It’s nice she’s so well proportioned; so many people that tall come out goofy looking. You wouldn’t think she’s so tall without seeing her next to someone. Man, those legs go all the way up! Please don’t try to push her into basketball if she doesn’t want to. I was tall enough and big enough I was always being pestered by basketball and football coaches and it sucked.

  • elmano

    legs for dayzzzzz

  • Truth

    What a ugly, emaciated cunt…

  • Diligence

    she’s hot…pretty…and a damn sexy voice too…if only i was taller…

  • popocatepetl

    i want to married with her….
    shes a*perfect wman
    the girls like her are on extintion caution

  • lyle

    i would make love to her soo good. She looks very hot lying in bed. Makes me want to lick her long body from the bottom up. Very sexxy. FAP!

  • Hey that girl live in Brazil

  • ana

    i think she will fit better in a basket team .

  • robin yates

    she will be a catwalk queen. Good luck to her. She is perfectly proportioned, awesome !

  • lol shes an human avatar!

  • archie

    pituitary gland malfunction

    That will all end in tears

  • Francinni

    Beautiful girl.

  • She’s so beautiful! I want to marry her!

  • I’m just going to post again to respond to all you commenter folk:
    *No Konsultants, she doesn’t ‘need’ to play basketball, though I could see her excelling at it if she wanted to.
    *John Joe: I agree!
    *sheistootall: she is hot, but I don’t understand yor name
    *Glen: She could become a great model, and if you read the story, she already IS. Nevertheless, there is no need to ‘should’ her since she could accomplish many dreams. Also no, she would not ‘fit in’ in America. Being beautiful and thin is rare in America. Plus, tall women and dark-coloured people are not the norm so she would stand out. I would love to have her here, but don’t mislead by saying she’d ‘fit in’. There would be many bigots. ‘Oh the irony’ got this right below.
    *Nikki: She has been on a runway, read the article, she models wedding dresses.
    *Shanar, Willow, Milah, Country Vacations: yes
    *yelp: go to her
    *harman: I am sure you are very preetie
    *Jones Scott: random tall sport?
    *Clinical Research: That’s kind of vague, you think there aren’t any 19 year old females who are taller?
    *Letay Lemlem: We’re all unique, she’s better than unique though, her unique traits are pleasant.
    *picsonlyforu: I see only one tall girl in these pictures.
    *Pud Kaplan: Are you referring to MtF or FtM?
    *anunoyz: I would love to see her on film!
    *Jake: Not even close, the blue folk are double our height in the film. This one’s at most, 50% taller.
    *kirya: Thanks for your contribution
    *boyka: I doubt it, it wouldn’t work well with the CGI.
    *Boris: Yeah, I’m glad she does. I would love to see her hook up with Yao Ming, that would be cute. I don’t trust Shaq.
    *star: You are awesome
    *Barack: I didn’t see her dripping, and she looks very nice, I’m not sure she would be mean enough to get the job done, Mr. President.
    *Sam: Khali does not deserve her. She should hook up with the diva who didn’t make it onto NXT season 3, the one Vicky dumped.
    *Ivan: I am also wondering.
    *Sarhara Jefferson: I am also amazed. She has been on a runway though, the problem is finding pictures of it.
    *jack: I would prefer to make passionate consensual love with her 😉
    *M.Adeel: Oh dear, if she got much taller it might cause problems. She looks comfortable as it is, I hope she stays healthy.
    *jimmo: While this is an option for a lot of people, I don’t think we should “should” people like that.
    *Jack: She may not be interested in that.
    *Mr Evilwrench: I agree, people shouldn’t be pressured into things, and she has great proportions.
    *elmano: We do not measure spatial dimensions with time.
    *Truth: That is not true! I suspect you have some kind of fat fetish.
    *Diligence: She might love you even if you are short.
    *popocatepetl: I also want to married with her, how will we resolve this? Why do you think girls like her are on extinction?
    *lyle: How do you know you would do good?
    *Thiago Pimenta: That’s what it says.
    *ana: How many girls can git in a basket team?
    *robin yates: There’s no such thing as perfect proportions, it depends on what purpose we’re proportioning for. She’s beautiful to us though, I think is what we mean.
    *agagag: Fail
    *archie: Why such a downer? No one knows for certain how the future will turn out. If she has health issues I am hopeful we can help with them.
    *Francini: She’s a lady!

  • For a girl that tall, she has a very good shape

  • Liz

    For all the idiots who say they want to have sex with her, get a life and be a man. You all are probably old and she’s only 14!

  • Now thats too long,,,,,, lol she should be in ramp!

  • Sidneymcqueen

    Avatar for real!

  • Patuing33

    well if there’s grass on the field play ball lol and remember after 12 is lunch lmao

  • That’s a huge bitch

  • That’s a huge bitch

  • wow. with what do they feed her? 😮

  • Loap

    She is already in America. Brazil is in America. America is a continent, not a country. Theres no country in this world called “America”, only USA, which means “United States of (the continent) America”.

  • Loap

    “She would fit right in in America”

    She is already in America. Brazil is in America. America is a continent, not a country. Theres no country in this world called “America”, only USA, which means “United States of (the continent) America”.

  • Iloveyou

    wow shes hella tall and pretty. lucky

  • Infosource7

    The Univ of Tn Basketball recruiters are on the way down there! LOL!

  • Emiliano Cornejo

    Latins r really cute girls, said from a Latin boy, see ya

  • Earlylifewitme

    i tip these girl to win miss world when she is 18

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    Man U just got into the point.Congratulations.Wake up “América” .U’re not the only ones.I’m talking on behalf of all of us.I’m an american too, south one.Who the fuck give ya this right?God damn it.By the way I’m from the same country of this pretty girl.

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  • Rose

    You have a lot of spare time, don’t you.

  • Roger

    very pretty girl god bless her! And for all of you sick bastards that are having fantasies about this young lady “SHE IS 14 YEARS OLD A!@#$%*#HOLE’S” she is still a baby!! What kind of sick perverted pedophiles are you to post comments like this about a young girl like this! I hope you sickos dont have daughter’s this age because i feel very sorry for them!

  • brendastonem

    i saw her once ! She lives in the same country as me .

  • Your boyfriend is very lucky ’cause your also very beautiful!
    Want to become Canadian!

  • As


  • DakoBoxes/ringmade

    Im not saying I dissagree with you however, the age of consent differs from state to state, country to country, culture to culture, and through out time. Ironicly enough I do belive the age of consent in Brazil is infact 14, though Im not 100% sure on that, with some countrys going even younger such as Japan which has a concent age of 13! Even many american states have teen concent ages such as Arkansas 14, Colorado 15 Indiana and Iowa have concent age at 14, though many have resrictions on the age of the partner…. so though we may disagree, they may not entiarly be “pervs” … im just saying….

  • Jenjen

    Roger is just mad because hes attracted to this girl but he doesnt have the balls to say it.

  • She has some new videos up where she is on a TV show standing next to normal sized men and women. She looked Huge. I think she might be very successful at modelling

  • Nocturnesthesia

    It’s not illegal, just frowned upon.

  • Akilesba_eza

    apenas una asi para ke me de mis chingadazos

  • Licker

    i wanna lick her long pussy !!!

  • Shduasbdusdbau

    lol Dont you guys get that those who tries to be “pervy” are pg 12? XD They probably never had sex and want people to believe the oposite. Real pedophiles would never say something like that in public, they’d act right away. So no, those are not pedos, only imature kids who are completely dumb and unknow idiots.

  • Blah

    Stop talking about your mom.

  • iDrifter

    Canada of America? Or Mexico?

  • Dude

    I’d just love to see a picture of her besides Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone, them not wearing elevator shoes

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  • pod

    god id fuck
    we are the same age

  • Sangief

    She’s 14 so what? Looks hot anyway

  • Rachel

    wow she is major pretty, I bet she is going to have a really good career in modeling. I wonder how tall she is next to Tyra Banks?

  • it’s not 14, it’s 16 here in brazil, 14 is only if their parents allow it.

  • Gabibett

    u are so disgusting…

  • John

    damn thats tall Yo!!!!!

  • Alberto

    Loap, don’t be so uptight. Your political correctness reaks.

  • Hurpdurp

    America is not a continent, South and North America are continents. The Americas are a group of continents. But America is the United States of America. America is the commonly recognized shorthand for the United States, there is absolutely no point in trying to change that. Quit trying to sound smart, you just come across as some edgy high schooler.

  • L’intelligent.

    South America and North America are NOT continents, they are both regions of one continent; America. America is only recognized as a shorthand for the US, by US citizens. If you go somewhere else they will call it US, or the variation in their language.

  • SalsaShark42

    L’moron. Hurp got it right.

  • T-R3X

    she is hot 🙂

  • Tcaroway

    yes your still preetie…. okay now put the bag back over your head and get back to the basement okay….

  • AshleySmolnik

    Amen. haha.

  • Roger

    Guess what you sick bitch i have 2 daughters 10 & 15 years of age! And ill be damned if i would allow sick people like yourselves to take advantage of my kids. The fact that you would even make such a stupid comment speaks volumes of the type of sick perverted mentality that has plagued this world! Get a life!!!!!

  • Ryanmarcoux2

    I would rape her with consent from her parents.

  • cyberdelika

    i guess nobody with 14 years old would ask mommy if she/he could have sex

  • Whatif

    Perhaps hes just a kid tho..

  • P Eace

    shes beautiful!

  • Rae

    shes needs to be in Fashion Week she’d def. make it as a model in america

  • blanca

    she’s sooooooooo pretty, but i’m preetier!

  • Matt

    For he ethnicity she is actually pretty cute

  • Khan Mohammad

    Mashaallah….its gods gift..hope she makes the best out of that.

  • IVAN

    MAY God bless her

  • need chair to kiss her

  • WOW, 6’9″ tall a age 14. I wonder if she is done growing yet or not. She may go over 7 ft. when is 20.

  • Frosty

    Thats not overly tall for a black person I’m 7f and im white and a teenager



  • Rabi

    WOw! so tall. She should marry one of the basket ball players to match up well. I see many basket ball players marrying short wives who do not match with them. See can be a good match with one of those tall basket ball players.hhahahhaha

  • toni

    People as large as this often suffer from a heart condition because the human heart is simply not built (or rather not evolved) for such a large body. E.g. see the much to early death of Andre the Giant. I wonder if she is ok.

  • toni

    Also at @Rabi: Some people suspect that large end up with small people is a subconscious thing in order to compensate the evolutionary disadvantages. I don’t know if that is BS.

  • Tony

    We need this girl in our basket team !

  • julia

    wow frosty what a racist comment u_u she isnt black, im brazilian and i know that. she does have a darker skin colour but thats mostly cus of the skin and of the mixture we have here. she probably is more close to native indian decident than black.

  • julia

    i meant that mostly cus the SUN, not the skin ^^”

  • basketball anyone?

  • i hope she can make a good carrier in modeling.her height will be her plus point.

  • She’s NOT the tallest teenager in the world anymore!
    Now, it’s a girl in Jersey who plays basketball with my sister! It’s kind of unfair!
    See for yourself!

  • Marts

    Holy crap, she has ENDLESS legs!

  • wow

    Wow thats crazy tall, and she is so pretty too.. i would love to be with her when shes old enough. Have them super long legs all over the place while she bangin’ and have her wrap them around u whoo, damn hot. They breed them sexy like that in Brazil anyway.

  • Guest


    Ewww!!! See people like you don’t deserve to be on the streets because kids are not safe. I may just alert the authorities to your post and maybe there is a way of tracking down pedophiles like you this way. Yes, only a pedophile will have such thoughts about a little girl! When she is older my ass! You disgust humanity! eww eewwWWWWWW!

  • Greg M

    That is awesome…I think you should introduce this girl to the WNBA, while getting her physically ready to handle the game. She was given height in this life, and in the world today money is a big thing. Give her a shot at a dream come true.

  • Greg M

    I also agree that she is not black…honestly, in the world today many people with darker skin are considered black people. But look at the skin and hold a black sheet of paper up to the side…you have dark brown. Racism is a ridiculous thing in the world, and people need to respect people for who they are.

    p.s. I am Caucasian, a.k.a. in the world’s eyes white, but if you stick a white piece of paper next to me, you will see that I am not white. I am going to the technical side of things, but I am correct with this

  • nataly

    Black or white she is a human be and God make she. God bless you and give you health. and a lovely live with a husband that love and respect you and many kids.

  • prophet

    @WOW just foul you pedophile, she is only 14. I think she be OK because she look well proportion, well we can only hope.

  • Kobus

    Running the risk of sounding like mr Wow, my first thought when seeing these pics is that she is well proportioned and will probably grow up to be a beautiful woman. A lot of very tall people have limbs that are not in proportion with their bodies, but she is just a ‘scaled-up’ 14 yr old girl.

  • snarque

    Mmmm yummy. Wonder if she is as deep as she is tall? Who cares if she’s just 14 – all the vitamins etc in our diets are making us mature faster, so she’s plenty mature, totally the equivalent of 18 from as little as 30 years ago. Betcha she’s menstruating, which anywhere else in the mammal world means she’s ready to reproduce. All you self-righteous “she’s too young” spouters, you’re just a bunch of sheep following along with what you’ve been told. Learn to think for yourselves.

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  • ubelievable but i guess have to believe it. may god bless her.

  • BiGjOE

    She has nephelin ancestry..!

  • Howardmba3

    She is really a beautiful person and kind of reminds me of Neytiri in the Avatar movie. I think its her winsome smile and of course her height. May God bless her. I’ld love to marry her in a couple of years when she’s older enough…well even I can have a pleasent daydream…I have a few letters after my name so I’ve also done other things besides daydreaming.

  • Janos

    Such a beautiful young lady, gotta love those brazilians. They are such beautiful people!

  • Demoniako

    She’s very beautiful =D

  • bruno

    ela nao é negra,é latina, as pessoas latinas sao assim,pele bronzeada que voces brancos pagam caro para ter.ou ficam horas torrando na praia,e o maximo que chegam é ficar como um frango assado.

  • wilson

    Wow, i can’t believe she is not in the WNBA yet???

  • gabriel

    dude i totally saw her in the airport in japan D:

  • SMH

    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP!!! Being black does not mean your skin is actually BLACK!!!! There are many shades of Dark skin. There are many Brown and light brown skin people who are black. Look at the different tribes in Africa not just the west coast. Alot of Ethiopians and Nubians are brown skin BLACK PEOPLE. This girl is BRAZILIAN and BRAZILIAN IS NOT A RACE!!!! Look at where the majority of African slaves were shipped to. MOSTLY IS SOUTH AMERICA INCLUDING BRAZIL The have a mixed population. AGAIN BEING BLACK DOES NOT MEAN YOUR SKIN IS BLACK. BROWN SKIN PPL ARE BLACK TOO STOP TRYING BEAT AROUND THE DAMN BUSH!!!

  • george

    she is tall according to the girls but i can marry her she will be a perfect match for me ……….

  • Canastrophy

    So that’s what f*cking a Naavi would be like! I know what she’ll dress as for Halloween!

  • justdance

    Super Tall…but she’s so gorgeous though!

  • Traceur

    This girl is just amazing! I hope for only the best for her future..
    They say 15cm per year, but I don’t believe that value stays constant for her continued growth or she would become literally a GIANT!!

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  • ese

    thats a great hieght. blessed girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brown Eyes

    Wow! and i thought i was the one with the tallest height. ppl make fun of me and i dont like it. im taller than most of the boys in my class…im 15 and the boys in my class are older than me. it is a relief to me that there are other girls other than me who are tall. I’d like to meet this girls…she looks pretty and nice. 🙂

  • she may be 6ft 9 inches tall,but she is a very beautiful young lady! she should be a great sucess in modeling.

  • What the? very viral. hahah

  • Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  • Nomocopecus

    must check designer clutches , for special offer

  • wow what a tall girl i think she should marry my friend majori because he is alsa tall an he doesn’t have a date at all hahahahahahhahahahaaaaa nnigger

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  • Harry

    I am a 12 year old boy
    I weigh 259 pounds
    I can bench 448 pounds
    I have a six pack
    My biceps are 17 inches
    My shoe size is 14
    I am 6’11 I swear this is all true
    My dad is 5’9 and he is up to my lower chest
    I wore mums 12 inch heels and he was unto my waist
    Being tall is hard, doors are only 6’6 and the celieng is
    7 feet so my head scrapes it, I cannot even stand
    On my toes, the tallest kid in my class other than me is 5’4 and my teacher is 5’8 so I am a giant and I tower over this chick
    Good luck Elisany

  • Bob

    i’m a short guy meaning i stand 4’4″ tall barefoot buy i wear boots that have a 3″ heel so i’m taller but i think it be strange for me to talk to a girl that is 14 and stands 6’9″ i don’t know where i even come up to her. my gosh talk about feeling small!!!

    ey that kid who posted by the nane Harry if you are really 12 and your stats are true i would have to run if i saw you comingi weigh between 85-95lbs to your 259lbs and i wear a size 6 shoe to your size 14 and your 6’11 i’m 4’4″ would i even come up tp your waist maybe?

  • slimmychick

    I am a nigerian and am 6’7′; am just 15 and to be frank it is not easy bin tall,tall pple r always made fond of and am glad dat she is a model and am happy 4 ha.

  • wow she is huge

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  • johnel

    she looks good ..she can model

  • joy

    i wish she is on me. i would be nude infront of her and mastrubating and she is lifting and kicking on my dick and balls ,lick her ass and she is dominating me

  • Alice

    She is 14!!! You perverts!!!!

  • Kilday smith
  • Essien

    hi am very proud of you. keep it up

  • amitaryan

    wow; she is so beautyful.

  • An

    How is she 14 if she was born in 1995??

  • Bill

    She’s hot. What a smokin’ body. I’d obliterate her sweet brown pussy.

  • Guest


  • Mike Oxbig

    Get a clue, moron.

  • Mike Oxbig

    Are you really this dumb?

  • Guest

    I want to bang your daughters. I bet they are mad for cock.

  • CoolStoryBro

    Shut the fuck up you moron. You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

  • Anita Pierson

    Uhhhh, If you try to correct someone,,,,please get it right… There are 7 continents on this thing called the Earth. Two of those seven are North America and South America. Just sayin…..