The Tallest Teen Girl in the World

A 14 year old Brazilian teen is looked up to by just about everyone around her. Standing at an amazing 6ft 9 in, she is the tallest girl there.

Elisany Silva (Elizane Cruz Silva, Silva da Cruz Elizane) is a Brazilian girl who was born September 27, 1995 and has a height of 206 cm (6’9”) tall. She now ranks among the world’s highest youth.

Being so tall isn’t easy, but it helped her to find a job. She will debut on the catwalk ending the designer’s show in Belem, dressed as a bride.

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  • Sidneymcqueen

    Avatar for real!

  • Patuing33

    well if there’s grass on the field play ball lol and remember after 12 is lunch lmao

  • Pablo Gonzales

    That’s a huge bitch

  • Pablo Gonzales

    That’s a huge bitch

  • Rope Ricu

    wow. with what do they feed her? :o

  • Loap

    She is already in America. Brazil is in America. America is a continent, not a country. Theres no country in this world called “America”, only USA, which means “United States of (the continent) America”.

  • Loap

    “She would fit right in in America”

    She is already in America. Brazil is in America. America is a continent, not a country. Theres no country in this world called “America”, only USA, which means “United States of (the continent) America”.

  • Iloveyou

    wow shes hella tall and pretty. lucky

  • Infosource7

    The Univ of Tn Basketball recruiters are on the way down there! LOL!

  • Emiliano Cornejo

    Latins r really cute girls, said from a Latin boy, see ya

  • Earlylifewitme

    i tip these girl to win miss world when she is 18

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    Man U just got into the point.Congratulations.Wake up “América” .U’re not the only ones.I’m talking on behalf of all of us.I’m an american too, south one.Who the fuck give ya this right?God damn it.By the way I’m from the same country of this pretty girl.

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  • Rose

    You have a lot of spare time, don’t you.

  • Roger

    very pretty girl god bless her! And for all of you sick bastards that are having fantasies about this young lady “SHE IS 14 YEARS OLD A!@#$%*#HOLE’S” she is still a baby!! What kind of sick perverted pedophiles are you to post comments like this about a young girl like this! I hope you sickos dont have daughter’s this age because i feel very sorry for them!

  • brendastonem

    i saw her once ! She lives in the same country as me .

  • Jimmy Poulin

    Your boyfriend is very lucky ’cause your also very beautiful!
    Want to become Canadian!

  • As


  • DakoBoxes/ringmade

    Im not saying I dissagree with you however, the age of consent differs from state to state, country to country, culture to culture, and through out time. Ironicly enough I do belive the age of consent in Brazil is infact 14, though Im not 100% sure on that, with some countrys going even younger such as Japan which has a concent age of 13! Even many american states have teen concent ages such as Arkansas 14, Colorado 15 Indiana and Iowa have concent age at 14, though many have resrictions on the age of the partner…. so though we may disagree, they may not entiarly be “pervs” … im just saying….

  • Jenjen

    Roger is just mad because hes attracted to this girl but he doesnt have the balls to say it.

  • Top20lists

    She has some new videos up where she is on a TV show standing next to normal sized men and women. She looked Huge. I think she might be very successful at modelling

  • Nocturnesthesia

    It’s not illegal, just frowned upon.

  • Akilesba_eza

    apenas una asi para ke me de mis chingadazos

  • Licker

    i wanna lick her long pussy !!!

  • Shduasbdusdbau

    lol Dont you guys get that those who tries to be “pervy” are pg 12? XD They probably never had sex and want people to believe the oposite. Real pedophiles would never say something like that in public, they’d act right away. So no, those are not pedos, only imature kids who are completely dumb and unknow idiots.

  • Blah

    Stop talking about your mom.

  • iDrifter

    Canada of America? Or Mexico?

  • Dude

    I’d just love to see a picture of her besides Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone, them not wearing elevator shoes

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  • pod

    god id fuck
    we are the same age

  • Sangief

    She’s 14 so what? Looks hot anyway

  • Rachel

    wow she is major pretty, I bet she is going to have a really good career in modeling. I wonder how tall she is next to Tyra Banks?

  • Hivort

    it’s not 14, it’s 16 here in brazil, 14 is only if their parents allow it.

  • Gabibett

    u are so disgusting…

  • John

    damn thats tall Yo!!!!!

  • Alberto

    Loap, don’t be so uptight. Your political correctness reaks.

  • Hurpdurp

    America is not a continent, South and North America are continents. The Americas are a group of continents. But America is the United States of America. America is the commonly recognized shorthand for the United States, there is absolutely no point in trying to change that. Quit trying to sound smart, you just come across as some edgy high schooler.

  • L’intelligent.

    South America and North America are NOT continents, they are both regions of one continent; America. America is only recognized as a shorthand for the US, by US citizens. If you go somewhere else they will call it US, or the variation in their language.

  • SalsaShark42

    L’moron. Hurp got it right.

  • T-R3X

    she is hot :)

  • Tcaroway

    yes your still preetie…. okay now put the bag back over your head and get back to the basement okay….

  • AshleySmolnik

    Amen. haha.

  • Roger

    Guess what you sick bitch i have 2 daughters 10 & 15 years of age! And ill be damned if i would allow sick people like yourselves to take advantage of my kids. The fact that you would even make such a stupid comment speaks volumes of the type of sick perverted mentality that has plagued this world! Get a life!!!!!

  • Ryanmarcoux2

    I would rape her with consent from her parents.

  • cyberdelika

    i guess nobody with 14 years old would ask mommy if she/he could have sex

  • Whatif

    Perhaps hes just a kid tho..

  • P Eace

    shes beautiful!

  • Rae

    shes needs to be in Fashion Week she’d def. make it as a model in america

  • blanca

    she’s sooooooooo pretty, but i’m preetier!

  • Matt

    For he ethnicity she is actually pretty cute