Thursday , 17 April 2014

The Tallest Teen Girl in the World

A 14 year old Brazilian teen is looked up to by just about everyone around her. Standing at an amazing 6ft 9 in, she is the tallest girl there.

Elisany Silva (Elizane Cruz Silva, Silva da Cruz Elizane) is a Brazilian girl who was born September 27, 1995 and has a height of 206 cm (6’9”) tall. She now ranks among the world’s highest youth.

Being so tall isn’t easy, but it helped her to find a job. She will debut on the catwalk ending the designer’s show in Belem, dressed as a bride.


  1. MAY God bless her

  2. need chair to kiss her

  3. WOW, 6’9″ tall a age 14. I wonder if she is done growing yet or not. She may go over 7 ft. when is 20.

  4. Thats not overly tall for a black person I’m 7f and im white and a teenager


  6. WOw! so tall. She should marry one of the basket ball players to match up well. I see many basket ball players marrying short wives who do not match with them. See can be a good match with one of those tall basket ball players.hhahahhaha

  7. People as large as this often suffer from a heart condition because the human heart is simply not built (or rather not evolved) for such a large body. E.g. see the much to early death of Andre the Giant. I wonder if she is ok.

  8. Also at @Rabi: Some people suspect that large end up with small people is a subconscious thing in order to compensate the evolutionary disadvantages. I don’t know if that is BS.

  9. We need this girl in our basket team !

  10. wow frosty what a racist comment u_u she isnt black, im brazilian and i know that. she does have a darker skin colour but thats mostly cus of the skin and of the mixture we have here. she probably is more close to native indian decident than black.

  11. i meant that mostly cus the SUN, not the skin ^^”

  12. i hope she can make a good carrier in modeling.her height will be her plus point.

  13. She’s NOT the tallest teenager in the world anymore!
    Now, it’s a girl in Jersey who plays basketball with my sister! It’s kind of unfair!
    See for yourself!

  14. Holy crap, she has ENDLESS legs!

  15. Wow thats crazy tall, and she is so pretty too.. i would love to be with her when shes old enough. Have them super long legs all over the place while she bangin’ and have her wrap them around u whoo, damn hot. They breed them sexy like that in Brazil anyway.

  16. @Wow

    Ewww!!! See people like you don’t deserve to be on the streets because kids are not safe. I may just alert the authorities to your post and maybe there is a way of tracking down pedophiles like you this way. Yes, only a pedophile will have such thoughts about a little girl! When she is older my ass! You disgust humanity! eww eewwWWWWWW!

  17. That is awesome…I think you should introduce this girl to the WNBA, while getting her physically ready to handle the game. She was given height in this life, and in the world today money is a big thing. Give her a shot at a dream come true.

  18. I also agree that she is not black…honestly, in the world today many people with darker skin are considered black people. But look at the skin and hold a black sheet of paper up to the side…you have dark brown. Racism is a ridiculous thing in the world, and people need to respect people for who they are.

    p.s. I am Caucasian, a.k.a. in the world’s eyes white, but if you stick a white piece of paper next to me, you will see that I am not white. I am going to the technical side of things, but I am correct with this

  19. Black or white she is a human be and God make she. God bless you and give you health. and a lovely live with a husband that love and respect you and many kids.

  20. @WOW just foul you pedophile, she is only 14. I think she be OK because she look well proportion, well we can only hope.

  21. Running the risk of sounding like mr Wow, my first thought when seeing these pics is that she is well proportioned and will probably grow up to be a beautiful woman. A lot of very tall people have limbs that are not in proportion with their bodies, but she is just a ‘scaled-up’ 14 yr old girl.

  22. Mmmm yummy. Wonder if she is as deep as she is tall? Who cares if she’s just 14 – all the vitamins etc in our diets are making us mature faster, so she’s plenty mature, totally the equivalent of 18 from as little as 30 years ago. Betcha she’s menstruating, which anywhere else in the mammal world means she’s ready to reproduce. All you self-righteous “she’s too young” spouters, you’re just a bunch of sheep following along with what you’ve been told. Learn to think for yourselves.

  23. ubelievable but i guess have to believe it. may god bless her.

  24. She has nephelin ancestry..!

  25. She is really a beautiful person and kind of reminds me of Neytiri in the Avatar movie. I think its her winsome smile and of course her height. May God bless her. I’ld love to marry her in a couple of years when she’s older enough…well even I can have a pleasent daydream…I have a few letters after my name so I’ve also done other things besides daydreaming.

  26. Such a beautiful young lady, gotta love those brazilians. They are such beautiful people!

  27. She’s very beautiful =D

  28. ela nao é negra,é latina, as pessoas latinas sao assim,pele bronzeada que voces brancos pagam caro para ter.ou ficam horas torrando na praia,e o maximo que chegam é ficar como um frango assado.

  29. Wow, i can’t believe she is not in the WNBA yet???

  30. dude i totally saw her in the airport in japan D:

  31. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP!!! Being black does not mean your skin is actually BLACK!!!! There are many shades of Dark skin. There are many Brown and light brown skin people who are black. Look at the different tribes in Africa not just the west coast. Alot of Ethiopians and Nubians are brown skin BLACK PEOPLE. This girl is BRAZILIAN and BRAZILIAN IS NOT A RACE!!!! Look at where the majority of African slaves were shipped to. MOSTLY IS SOUTH AMERICA INCLUDING BRAZIL The have a mixed population. AGAIN BEING BLACK DOES NOT MEAN YOUR SKIN IS BLACK. BROWN SKIN PPL ARE BLACK TOO STOP TRYING BEAT AROUND THE DAMN BUSH!!!

  32. she is tall according to the girls but i can marry her she will be a perfect match for me ……….

  33. So that’s what f*cking a Naavi would be like! I know what she’ll dress as for Halloween!

  34. Super Tall…but she’s so gorgeous though!

  35. This girl is just amazing! I hope for only the best for her future..
    They say 15cm per year, but I don’t believe that value stays constant for her continued growth or she would become literally a GIANT!!

  36. thats a great hieght. blessed girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Wow! and i thought i was the one with the tallest height. ppl make fun of me and i dont like it. im taller than most of the boys in my class…im 15 and the boys in my class are older than me. it is a relief to me that there are other girls other than me who are tall. I’d like to meet this girls…she looks pretty and nice. :)

  38. she may be 6ft 9 inches tall,but she is a very beautiful young lady! she should be a great sucess in modeling.

  39. What the? very viral. hahah

  40. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  41. must check designer clutches , for special offer

  42. wow what a tall girl i think she should marry my friend majori because he is alsa tall an he doesn’t have a date at all hahahahahahhahahahaaaaa nnigger

  43. Wow
    I am a 12 year old boy
    I weigh 259 pounds
    I can bench 448 pounds
    I have a six pack
    My biceps are 17 inches
    My shoe size is 14
    I am 6’11 I swear this is all true
    My dad is 5’9 and he is up to my lower chest
    I wore mums 12 inch heels and he was unto my waist
    Being tall is hard, doors are only 6’6 and the celieng is
    7 feet so my head scrapes it, I cannot even stand
    On my toes, the tallest kid in my class other than me is 5’4 and my teacher is 5’8 so I am a giant and I tower over this chick
    Good luck Elisany

  44. i’m a short guy meaning i stand 4’4″ tall barefoot buy i wear boots that have a 3″ heel so i’m taller but i think it be strange for me to talk to a girl that is 14 and stands 6’9″ i don’t know where i even come up to her. my gosh talk about feeling small!!!

    ey that kid who posted by the nane Harry if you are really 12 and your stats are true i would have to run if i saw you comingi weigh between 85-95lbs to your 259lbs and i wear a size 6 shoe to your size 14 and your 6’11 i’m 4’4″ would i even come up tp your waist maybe?

  45. I am a nigerian and am 6’7′; am just 15 and to be frank it is not easy bin tall,tall pple r always made fond of and am glad dat she is a model and am happy 4 ha.

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