Wednesday , 13 December 2017

This Dad is Using His Identical Twins To Scare People In Hotels, And It’s Hilariously Terrifying

This English dad has people cracked up – and creeped out – by his twin girls, Poppy and Isabella. They may be adorable, but when he dresses them up and gets them to recreate a famous scene from The Shining, they’re downright spooky.

His photo of their London haunt went viral on Twitter last week, and he has since said the girls actually did scare a few guests as they walked by. Let’s hope these 4-year-old pranksters only perfect their act as they get older!

These twins had guests at a London hotel spooked with their recreation of a famous scene from The Shining

Their dad, Martin Hughes, captured the creepy shots on a family holiday and posted them on Twitter. What guest wouldn’t run and hide if they saw these two at the end of a dimly-lit hallway?

Poppy and Isabella, both 4, don’t know who the Shining twins are, but they do a spot-on impression

Twitter users reacted about the same way we assume the twins’ fellow hotel guests did

We’re with you on that one, Jeff.

Hughes said that he’s even “jokingly taught them ‘come and play with us’,” another reference to the iconic film

In The Shining, a pair of twin ghosts haunt the hallways of a hotel and torment a young boy, something Poppy and Isabella might pull off very well with a little bit of practice.

All jokes aside, these girls are pretty adorable, and not creepy at all when they’re out of character

Not to mention the fact that they’re clearly being raised to have a good sense of humor!

Hughes wrote on Twitter that joking with his girls “makes the grief of having twins worthwhile”

He may have more grief to deal with as this pair gets older and strengthens their pranking game!

The girls are clearly experts at playing other roles too, and make a perfect team

Perhaps we have a future Golden Globe-winning duo in our midst?

Perhaps we have a future Golden Globe-winning duo in our midst?Some people reportedly had mixed reactions to the girls’ uncanny portrayal of twin ghosts…

“Someone actually argued that demons are real and it’d legally be my fault if the girls were hurt when someone thought they were actual ghosts,” their dad told Buzzfeed.

… But an overwhelming majority of commentators definitely got the joke

One user even shared his real-life Shining house… Yikes!

Three cheers for a ‘mint’ prank by two cuties, who are definitely going to love Halloween when they get older

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