Friday , 24 November 2017

This picture is not photoshopped

But, the following ones certainly are:

[nggallery id=15]

  • this is statue isn’t?

  • tres tragique

    wow – how about a little information?

  • aaml4everfc

    Too easy, the camera angle is trying to cover up the fact that the top part of the statue is being held up by a the connected briefcase to the top of the left leg. Just look carefully by the briefcase in the first picture.

  • Clawd

    aaml4everfc, I was just about to say the same thing.

  • What?

    I didn’t assume it was photoshopped

  • miaou

    Yeah this is a statue and the top is connected by the briefcase. I see this for real during this winter in Courchevel, a famous french ski resort

  • Qinetix

    Easy… the briefcase is the connection between the upper part and down part

  • Ace

    what do you mean “easy”? This wasn’t supposed to be a puzzle for you to solve, it is just a picture of a really neatly designed statue ( through which you can see the light house- totally awesome!) – I just wish they said whose statue it is and who is the sculptor.

  • antz

    it’s still amazing, though. . . so little part of the statue connected to support upper part.

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  • This is G-Man from HL

  • Garduze

    Who cares about you people bragging about “it’s’s just..blahblahblah..briefcase..blahblah..”? No one said this is magic or whatever. This picture was posted just to let you people see a piece of art. This isn’t about you boasting how it can be possible, tiny brains.

  • This is a perfect balancing of two pieces of mass around pivoting point and it is the connection between the briefcase and the top of the left leg. The weight of the briefcase must have more compared to that of the upper part of the statue.

  • KaoKao

    The artist is Bruno Catalano, a french sculptor quite famous in his – mine – country. All of his works are related to the notion of vacuumness and emptiness. Quite interesting if u like art/sculptures/statues :).

  • peachey

    i dont see how this is so amazing.

  • Tek

    Just a piece of metal, nothing to see here, move on. Btw, please change title, it doesn’t even look photoshoped, sorry.

  • ehbunner

    what’s funny is all the people saying it’s easy didn’t bother to explain how it was done other then it’s connected, because if that top piece was solid like the bottom then it would still break, now if they had pointed out that the top half is somewhat hollow(you can see this from the back view) and the bottom is obviously solid making a fine piece of work

  • kid lex

    im with tek,MOVE THE HELL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just some metal! DAMN!

  • Nice piece of artwork. I like it 😀

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • Leslie

    For those who say “Its just a piece of metal, lets move on.” They obviously dont appreciate art for what it is. They dont know art when they see it. In my opinion I reallly LOVE this piece of artwork and its impressive! And Garduze….people are entitled to their own opinion. So dont get so bent out of shape with what people are saying. People are just expressing what they like or dont like about this piece of art. Art is MEANT to be discussed :-D! Art is subjective which means that not everyone is going to like it. Everyone views a piece of art differently which means that people will have their own translation of the piece of art.

  • Boo

    I think it’s fantastic. The amount of skill that would have had to gone into this to not only make it look amazing but to make it weighted properly is astronomical. Well done!

  • jose

    Really fake!!

  • ScottB
  • Very interesting. I thought it was photoshopped at first.

  • Martin

    I saw this in Paris just off the Champes Elysee, very cool though.

  • doyge

    obviously the brief case is connected to the leg. therefore everything i leaned about human anatomy is a lie.
    the hip-bone is clearly not connected to the, thigh bone.

  • im with tek,MOVE THE HELL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just some metal! DAMN

  • RaulJones

    Shut the fuck up, everyone. Gads, the world is so full of loser crybabies…

  • Kwak

    even tho it looks photoshopped(’cause of the lines) it’s still possible, it’s a statue and the suitcase and the leg are connected so the upper part rests on the suitcase which rests on the leg. Correct me if I’m wrong, and sorry for my english

  • Kamelot17

    That’s pretty obvious… The suitcase is connected to the leg….

  • Pendex

    Kwak your english is good. Thanks for posting (even using a language that isn’t naturally yours).
    You’re right the top part is connected to the suitcase… but it’s still wonderful isn’t it?

  • Increible the mistakes in photoshop!!!!