Tuesday , 16 October 2018

Totally F***ed Up Movies

Of all the “Human Centipede” films, the original is likely the most well written. However, this is a list for the most disturbing, which is the second film. Maybe because it’s in black and white. Maybe because there’s 12 victims being sown together instead of 3. But, I’m pretty sure it’s because the lead character Martin isn’t a doctor and therefore can’t properly create the centipede. This makes for some truly revolting “surgical” scenes, including hammering out teeth, staple gunning mouths on to buttocks, and even injecting the victims with laxatives to help them…. yeah, that image never leaves your mind.

Many lists and online forums agree that “A Serbian Film” is the most fucked up film they’ve ever seen, and for good reason. I wouldn’t call it much of a plot, but the story is about a washed-up porn star who gets offered a big movie, but is then forced to do unspeakable acts. It’s incredibly hard to watch as there’s acts of pedophilia, necrophilia, and even a vengeful eye-socket fucking.

“Evil Dead” is a horror remake actually worth watching (but only once). The film takes place 30 years after the original, where the lead Mia becomes possessed by demons. However, her friends at the cabin think she’s just going through opiate withdrawals. It’s filled with your classic gruesome scenes such as slicing open your own face, pulling a hypodermic needle out from under your eye, and vomiting a bloody vine that crawls into someone else’s vajayjay.

“Cannibal Holocaust” was so graphic when it was released that it was banned in several countries (it still is in some) and the director Reggero Deodato was arrested on obscenity charges. This film was a first in the found-footage style category and people believed actors had really been killed on camera. It can be hard to remember it’s not real though when you’re watching a supposed film crew being raped and eaten alive by a merciless Amazonian tribe.

“The Green Inferno” is inspired by “Cannibal Holocaust” above, about a group taken captive by a tribe of cannibals. I can’t tell you which one is more disturbing, but once again it is filled with sickening scenes of cannibalism: being eaten alive, accidentally eating your friends, and even having your limps torn off and fed to ants.

The original “The Last House on the Left” from 1972 is a rape/torture film that deserves to be on this list; its 2009 remake, not so much. The disturbingly raw original features two teenage girls being brutally raped by a gang of escaped convicts. The film just gets worse from there when the parents take their twisted revenge.

There are so many “Saw” films now that their content may not seem shocking anymore, but it should be. The second film is one that is particularly sadistic. Jigsaw has trapped eight people in a house and they must play psychological and physically horrendous games to escape. You see someone buried alive, cut off the back of their own neck, and of course this wincing scene where she’s thrown into a pit of needles.

“120 Days of Sodom” isn’t as gory as some of the preceding films, but it is one of the most fucked up. Originally a novel, the story is about four powerful Italian fascists who kidnap nine teenage boys and nine teenage girls to become their play things, but where every game is torture such as getting your tongue snipped out or eating feces.

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