TV Show Mistakes

Even the most carefully produced television show has the occasional goof, blooper or mistake. Cast changes happen and with that comes new faces in already established roles. Some TV goofs are instantly noticeable and some are more subtle. Here are the best and probably the most famous TV shows mistakes.























  1. All pictures are fake

  2. I am not seeing anything ‘EPIC’ about any of these pictures The article is empty an a waste of time. Please, if you wish to entertain, make a lttle more effort. At the very least dont pretend that this is anything more than:

    ‘Pictures of no significance that show some minor mistakes of continuity in shows that are even less significant than this article’

  3. This is the stupidest fucking list of mistakes I have ever seen.

    Half of them are not even mistakes, but simply the fact that the scene is SUPPOSED to change.

    What do you think happens when someone sits down to eat a potato? It fucking disappears into a person’s mouth.

  4. both sg1 and futurama are not mistakes, in sg1 the girls go through an intergactic gate it always happens, and in futurame the scene is in the future.

  5. Um, hang on…. its a flaw that the fag shortened?
    Clearly somone does not understand smoking -_-

  6. you call this epic? that’s very very small. i dont even bother for these mistakes.

  7. I can buy that most of these are legit mistakes (albeit unimportant mistakes), but to say that “cigarette shortens” is a mistake is idiotic.

  8. All i can say is ,this is nonesense

  9. what does name required mean

    you guys have wayyy to much free time

  10. js someone has to much time on there hands to be noticing lil tv mistakes like that GET A LIFE its not like it changed the face of television

  11. The SG-1 pic is not a mistake u morons. They go thru the gate & turn around & look back!!!!!!!! So they havnt changed sides u idiots.

  12. LOL do you know how many mistakes I’ve seen on animated sitcoms? A lot. Who cares anyway?

  13. hahaha wtf O.o thats weird

  14. LOL…… I Dunno what must i say ….. i agree…….. who cares about ……!!!

  15. In ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ the books didn’t change positions behind the scene. Buffy was holding the books and then she gave them to Giles, it’s clear as the sunlight.

  16. lol u got a lot of time to make those havent u ?

  17. This are not epic mistakes, they’re teeny tiny errors in continuity. Really…teeny…tiny…

  18. Wow! Those were TOTALLY EPIC!!!

    I couldn’t believe the 5th one. You know, where the newspaper moved!!!


  19. Regarding the party blower in the futurama episode —- Nibbler could have taken it… so stfu.

  20. what a perfect mistake you catch and published πŸ˜› so interesting

  21. Well nice one. But this Jlo is not mistake it is real nip slip of JLo.

  22. εΎˆε°ηš„ι”™θ――ε•¦..

  23. Where is the monica mistake?

  24. Great job. These were good catches. particularly the Angel reflection.

  25. Soendoro Soetanto

    LOL…. great collection.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    Soendoro Soetanto

  26. the one for Buffy n one she’s holding the books and in the other it looks as if she is giving the books to him That’s why they shifted position

  27. zor zor shteki jwannnnn ncii

  28. hi
    I always discover mistakes like these in movies and also in commercial advertisements and there is a mistake in titanic and many others that I can not recall but in the future I will note them down to publish.

    but I am wondering how all these mistakes gathered , is an effort of one person only !.



  29. Dude! Get a Life . and Stop Trying to Find Other People’s Mistakes Just Cuz u dont wanna See urs .

  30. Dude Lets All Use The Fucking Shift Key

  31. you guys have wayyy to much free time. Haha I agree wtf how someone could notice that damn πŸ™‚

  32. These pics r awesome. Unblevbl….

  33. the son of mike tyson

    this is a thread made by someone with a loooot of free time.

  34. See,when you smoke a cigarette,it shortens.common sense.

  35. EPIC MISTAKES…. my EPIC mistakes was wasting my time viewing this crap. Clearly too many retards with to much time and little imagination… whole site is crap really

  36. thsi si ridiculous and unintresting

  37. In NCIS I saw a fail. I could see the camera of a filmer.

  38. get a job ya loser

  39. it seems fake too, lol u got a lot of time to make those havent u ?

  40. Most of these I would agree are pretty minor. However, those of you leaving comments that the books in Buffy is not a mistake…you’re wrong. The mistake is that if you are holding a stack of books and the binding is facing outward, when you hand them to someone else you don’t turn them around so the binding is again facing outward. One shot we should see the binding and the other we should see the pages. Picky…yes. Minor who cares…yes. Mistake…YES.

  41. fuck u morons, ass hole, go fuck ur self

  42. … Ciggarette shortens… no shit thats what they do when you smoke them… lol

  43. ohh and the BSG one is fucking stupid too… hand and cigar moves???? fucking really he picked up the cigar with his hand and put it in his mouth… amazing!! also if you watch the scene someone moves the goddam credits off the table… honestly waste of time

  44. what i care is just the side pictures

  45. Somebody necessarily assist to make significantly articles I would state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and so far? I amazed with the research you made to create this particular submit amazing. Fantastic process!

  46. beatrice branlbarghe

    It could be funny but it isn’t.
    It easy to find some mistakes in the shootings.
    It isn’t to ensure “continuity” on a fiction . (I suppose that you know that the scenes are filmed in an other order than the scenary)
    I think that it’s a little bit symptomatic of perversion to search for what you call a “mistake” .
    In fact it isn’t since people never see them. Life IS mistake. Perfection isn’t.

  47. I hate the way you get to these sites. I was taken here from a scene from “friends” where ross is standing with Rachel..

    It isn’t on the site…

    and everyone can make mistakes.. but well, still kind of entartaining πŸ™‚

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