Wednesday , 1 April 2015

What A Great Idea













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  • Marco
  • Kumar

    Wow! what a great idea. In which country this bridge is?

  • zingalvs

    a pretty nice idea it is.. hopefully, the sewerage is working..

  • Carlos

    Its very interesting despite of those who take it for granted , it required a big deal of learning and effort to do such MARVELS, ppl should be proud of their successes , or their parents successes anyhow

  • B-Girl

    uhhh…. It’s called a tunnel. Though most of the time they just go under rivers.

  • dion

    Looks nice but as a practical matter……Whats the depth of the bridge and how deep does the keel go on a typical boat which will cross the bridge? Another matter is water is pretty heavy and the bridge would have to support that tonnage. Lots of engineering questions……

  • jeroen

    it’s called an aquaduct

  • dw

    yea ok, but when it rains, where does the rain water drain off to??

  • Miz Mo

    They do exist… for one, the Posey Tunnel in Alameda (CA).

  • Erik

    I think I have been there recently. Very practical approach of the Frisians.

  • kev

    its called an aquaduct!

    and this is beter than build a hughe bridg or something else.
    This dont interupt the country sights

  • Dumbass


  • Bouw&
  • top pictures

    i guess its real…..

  • hmm

    i would simply make a bridge(overpass) for the highway. It’s much easier and cars are lighter than full of water.

  • hmm

    what if they started to leak the water? simple overpass for the highway is safer isn’t it?

  • Istalaboutme

    Lol, it is an aquaduct and the romans thought it was a great idea too, 2000 years ago.

  • loub

    LOL, why not just a bridge?

  • moron

    dis muzt bee a nu invenshun, cos know 1 cud have fort of dis befoor, if only de romans had fort of dis den maybee da wurld wood be difrunt… oh wait… they did.

  • Oppenheimer

    Interesting question “what if it rains?”. I guess they have a water pump system for that…at least.

  • BartiMan

    It’s called an aquaduct and here in the Netherlands we have several variations of these.

    They’ve been here for more than 30-40 years so I really can’t grasp why everybody is so suspicious and doubtfull about it. The sewerage is pumped off to a main sewer nearby with a pump. Exactly the opposite of how a toilet works. Water reaches a certain level underneath the road in the a collective bassin (so the actual tunnel is even deeper) and get’s pumped off at the moment the water reaches a certain level.

    There’s some internet links to view them above posted by others.

    Here’s the oldest one we have here in the NL.,4.666942&spn=0.002476,0.006968&t=k&z=18

  • Stephen

    The idea is so good, that they already implemented it.

    Started making bridges like that in the 1800s, and they included roads underneath.

  • nutaryuk

    Is that in Holland ?
    What a great bridge.

  • peter

    It’s called a aquaduct for real. The are quite common here in the Netherlands.
    Her an example of one being build.

    So no photoshop guys.


  • odejide

    the design is out of this world.

  • Agence communication Rouen

    it’s a great idea and it’s very usefull

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  • Raja sumair

    Great pictures.amazing and interesting.ilove these pictures.give more nature beautiful landscapes.By tkecare

  • Daily Inquirer

    lol..i can’t stop laughing..this is one of the best photos i have ever watch

  • balendra

    great technology and best idea

  • Bryan

    Nothing new… I can think of two here in Canada right off the top of my head… tunnel under the St. Lawrence Seaway in Beauharnois, QC and under the Welland Canal in Windsor, ON

    Why do it this way? Much less engineering than a bridge tall enough to have traffic go over and much less of a visual eyesore IMO.

  • AG

    Any of you ever heard of the “Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel” ?

  • Senor Pescado

    it is in Mexico, SE of Veracruz

  • Ethan

    We have had this in The Netherlands for a loonnng time.. nothing really new here, but a very nice photo though. :)

  • Emily

    Anyone who thinks that is photo shopped is not very well educated. How about the Chesapeak Bay Bridge tunnel in Maryland that goes entirely underwater? I’ve driven through it before. It’s considered one of the “7 engineering wonders of the modern world” so its nothing to sneeze at, but it exists.

  • Kad

    dion says:
    July 26, 2010 at 12:23 am
    Looks nice but as a practical matter……Whats the depth of the bridge and how deep does the keel go on a typical boat which will cross the bridge? Another matter is water is pretty heavy and the bridge would have to support that tonnage. Lots of engineering questions……

    Very funny. There are a lot of underwater tunnels. Not the least of which is the Chunnel (between France and England, which does go deeper than the actual water). From an engineering point of view, underwater tunnels have been built for a long time, and are actually quite simple compared to over water bridges, which must also consider weight, wind resonance (look up the Tacoma Narrows Bridge if you don’t believe me), corrosion from water, wind, and vibration,

  • Makr

    There’s a simple reason why these aqueducts can be favored over bridges and it can even be seen in the picture: Sailing boats. Their depth is rather moderate but their mast height can be quite high

  • master_burn

    its built that way so sailing boats with high masts can drive trough. It would be much more complicated to build a bridge that high …

  • Kuifje

    in Friesland we have at least three aquaducts or naviducts, Sneek, Grouw and Akkrum

  • abe

    this photo is to see the human mind what can do ……… its so incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sander

    These are most common in Holland. No waiting for bridges to close/open.

  • Konsultants

    This is 100 % real!

  • Buy kerala properties

    Its super idea as technology advanced and excellent people coming with futuristic methods to get things done in systematic and easy way. Thanks to new technologies and great human brain.

  • Jan

    Within 30 miles of my home (in Friesland, Netherlands) I know 10 aquaducts of this kind. I live in an area known for its sailing tourism and for important waterways crossing important roads this appears to be the best solution by far.

  • Mabel

    An aquaduct =)

  • Matt

    Typical Dutch invention! :-) hereby another one;,+The+Netherlands&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=55.849851,79.013672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Harderwijk,+Gelderland,+The+Netherlands&t=h&ll=52.025234,4.666615&spn=0.003268,0.009645&z=17

    Near a place called Gouda, this aquaduct is crossing one of the main highways in the Western part of the Netherlands.

    Proud to be Dutch :-)

  • Stu

    Why not a bridge?

    The project would have to be four times the size/complexity to get a bridge large enough to pass a boat mast under.
    Or have an opening bridge.
    This one cost nothing to run.
    Brilliant in it’s simplicity.
    Only the Dutch.

  • Ishak

    Its showing human can do anything, if thay intending.

  • cunnchops

    lol @ everybody saying “what if it rains?”

    fucking spastics