What do you think about this tattoo?

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  • steev

    Like the finger it is on,it stinks

  • Alllex

    She was on Big Brother.


    That is the girl from Big Brother

  • redbuggy553

    im getting this tattoo, i love it!!!

  • max

    I think a tiny hitler style woulda been funnier.

  • Sada

    OMG this chick is groan inducing..could she -be- more desperate for attention? She’s a damned dim bulb & annoyed the bejeezus outta mne on BB *ugh* Just too fake…fakefakefake individual here. :P *goes back to not-hating* lol…

  • MarcusB

    Hmmm, kinda cute but not as cute as it’s owner…groovy eyes!

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  • Nigel

    It’s fine ,and she’s fine nothing like humour !,
    but saying it’s dumb ,I can think of far worse , much worse !

  • Mea

    It’s her finger, her body, her sense of humor. Those who sit and complain about it should just move on with their own lives, and leave hers alone.

  • http://www.cigs4girls.com/ Donna

    Very interesting tattoo, but not for a girl ;) . It is my opinion. Good luck!

  • Lalna

    she looks lyk miley cyrus :O

  • max

    i HATE this stupid tattoo!! apparently its relatively common, because i have a tattoo on my finger (a meaningful date), and after a quick glance I can’t tell you how many people have asked if it’s a mustache.

  • Alex

    Actually, that’s a high impact area I believe its called, that tattoo should be gone within about 5 years… plus its easy to hide and fun… so why the hell not? (this is coming from a person with 0 tats)

  • Art

    That’s a commitment to working retail for the rest of your life.

  • Lena

    that is the best tattoo ever. mustaches make everything better!

  • Peter

    Too all those who keep calling it a moustache… It’s called a fingerstache… The single most awesome tatt evar!!!

  • http://www.thristhan.com Thristhan

    This is one stupid tattoo, she must have really ran out of Ideas.

  • Sona

    tha’ts one of the most useless, stupidest tattoos in the history of the world.

  • Ann

    Uh, it’s a skin decal from a company called Gama-Go in San Frrancisco. You can buy several style decals…

  • ham

    not that dumb, pretty good idea if youre a tattoo junky!

  • HGHF


  • April

    LOL. This is Lydia Tavera from Big Brother US Season 11. Got evicted in the Captain Unitard outfit and was caught several times giving Jesse handjobs on camera.

  • http://gupiaoqqqun.com Diteprepite

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  • http://www.cigarettespub.net/winston Winston

    I don’t think it looks that much funny… I’d rather say it’s her most obvious features. Pretty young woman, nonetheless.

  • Katherine

    I hate such kind tattos and can you imagine how she will look after 20 years she became ugly. I think so! You know it is not the worst example of bad tattoos I saw crazy realistic tattoos on izifunny.com. It is really amazing you should see it.