What do you think about this tattoo?

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  • prowler420

    Considering how many tats she already has… this one isn’t a big deal.

  • bkh

    She is still hot as hell

  • Lucas L in Sweden

    Considering how many already has this tat… this one isn’t a big deal.
    A friend of mine has the Adolf-tash like this and another has a similar like hers but wider and skinnier, followed by the answer to any question: “I don’t know.” on the next finger. This tattoo is normally done on the middle part of the finger and not on the joint between the first and the middle. Still a neat idea though.

  • Rob

    Who gives a crap about the tat, those are the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!!

  • http://yourmother Jacob

    UGLY AS HELL. STUPID HIPSTER. she will regret this tattoo when shes older, that is, if she doesnt OD on heroin or coke within the next 5 years. its very very sad when a pretty girl gets ugly tattoos all over her body. she obviously has some issue emotional issues. probably not enough attention from daddy, thats why she seeks attention now by doing all this stupid shit. bitch, what are you thinkin???

  • vrw

    Who is she?

  • megan

    thats Lydia from the tv show Big Brother (in 2009)

  • das

    lydia from bb11!

  • Blah
  • D

    Jacob..i think you should shut the fuck up and take a good look in the mirror :) Cus it kinda looks to me that YOU are the one having serious mental issues buddy !

  • wayne D.

    I would still date her if she had that tattooed on her face …she is sexy

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    But she is Hot…! LOL!..

    She as to put the finger near her mouth to make the people understand what it means, and Perverted guys take it as if she is putting that finger in her mouth..lol

  • jacob

    D…when i look in the mirror i see a nice natural body. my body alone is a work of art, i dont need any stupid corny tattoos to give me personality. and yes everyone has mental issues, but atleast i have enough sense to not inject my skin with unnatural inks. Maybe i should get a tattoo of a vagina on my hand and put it over my crotch when i take pictures….would that be cool???? lol

  • hobophobic

    That tattoo means she’s a lesbian. I’m sure she’s just dumb and thinks she’s being clever…

  • Mariah

    Your body is a work of art? Concieted much? Haha and you not wanting a tattoo is a personal choice. You don’t gotta talk trash about people that do. Just mind your own damn business and stop being a jerk.

  • Mariah

    She thinks she’s a lesbian huh? I have the same tattoo and I can assure you I’m not a lesbian. Shit man you guys are fucking assholes.

  • hobophobic

    We may be assholes but you’re dumb. You have a tattoo that represents being a lesbian and you’re not? That would be like me getting a tramp stamp that says “I like it in the ass” and then telling everyone I’m not gay. Tattoos in general are dumb. Sometimes they look good but when it’s art but when it’s just a bunch of random shit, it just makes you look like a trashy bum who spends their child support on ugly ass tattoos instead of their kids…

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    nice look

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    I think it’s very interesting :)

  • Ad

    That tat is awesome! She clearly has an Ink Addiction and she is also damn fine. How many chicks are that hot and have a good enough sense of humour to get a tat like that

  • ami

    this chicks retarded

  • myself

    nice lips
    nice hair
    tattoo ?

  • jacob

    dude….look up Lydia from Big Brother……shes not that fine lol. this is probably her pic ever. and thats saying a lot!

  • CapnChkn

    I bet people get real quiet when she walks into the room, what with that finger tattooed to her upper lip.

  • ttt

    fingerstache is beatiful ^^

  • Kayla

    I know someone with that same tattoo
    Only the chick I know’s tattoo is so bad… really poorly done, looks like it was drawn on with a dying pen.

  • http://oftheday.org Of The Day

    I’ve seen this so many times, but it never stops being cool to me. Will be my first tattoo if I ever get one.

  • http://www.quietatheist.com Slugsie

    1. She’s kinda cute.
    2. The fact she has a tattoo like that tells me that she has a sense of humour – something that appears to be lacking from one or two commenter’s here.
    3. Who the hell are you people that you think you have the right to decide and judge what someone else does with/to their own body?

  • Kimmy

    really doesn’t seem that stupid… I mean people could have done better w/ dumbest tat…. I have a picture of a stupid one XD

    hehehe stupid chick….

  • jason

    Try, BEST tattoo ever!

  • LeEmir

    dat is an awesome tattoo!!

  • Simon

    She already have a lot of other tattoos even on the knuckles so one more funny or not don’t make a difference at this point. That’s what happens when you get serious about tattoos, they no longer have to have so much meaning like most people who don’t have them seem to think.

    She’s pretty and can be silly AND has a lot of tattoos. My kind of girl


    shes damn sexy. i GUARENTEE you if she was ugly then that tattoo would be unarguably dumb, if not for a comdical view. but since shes pretty people are like weelll maybe its not that dumb

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    Stupide mais marrant

  • Jay

    Jacob, for someone who judges other people based on there closed world ideas and ignorance you def seem to have some serious issues to come on here and show your colors. If you don’t like tattoos fine to each there own but i PROMISE you do not know who this girl is nor can you state anything about her. Just because you have some issues from either growing up or whatever apparently you need to learn to not judge others.

    And on the tattoo, this is an old tattoo that I have seen many many times. I myself love tattoos and plan on getting many many more done.

  • Jay

    Simon, the number of tattoos one has does not make any one tattoo less meaningful on ones body.

  • Tracey

    This dark hair girl in the pic with the mustache on her finger is her name liz????? If so does anyone know how to get ahold of her I have been looking for her for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BBAddict

    You guys are so dumb. It is an inside joke. If anyone who knows Lydia or watched Big Brother, would know what this means. It is kind of a trademark for her, so it is not dumb. Makes her money, so where is the stupidity in that?

  • http://signaturegrn.com xVx

    jacob your a kook

  • Tiffany

    Shut the fuck up Lucas Lil. Youre obviously some lame ass loser whos 25 and still lives with your parents… You totally sound like a fatass nerd whos been rejected by every girl you ever liked. There was probably a crush on a girl who was a hipster or a girl who was a little different and you thought she could appreciate you more than all those preppy girls who don’t give a shit about you. But it turns out no one can love someone as ugly as you and you got friend-zoned and now your one of those creepy guys who hates women and tells everyone it’s because there dumb. But the real reason is your a disgusting, obese, nerd whos a virgin and will never have a girlfriend. Go kill youreself you faggot.

  • overmedium

    Whos cares about the tat? Shes HOT!

  • julie

    The only part that bothers me about it is that I know at least seven people who have that exact tattoo.

  • JIffy

    Hipsters are a bunch of irritating cunts!!

  • TheHarlequinHatter

    I don’t see what the big deal is… It’s a funny tattoo, and it would be largely unnoticeable, unless she walks around doing that all the time… Sure it’s a dumb tattoo, but dumb in an awesome way! There are a million other tattoos that are WAY worse… Like the guy who tattooed his crotch to look like a dragon…

  • Megan

    Oh god. I never thought I would see her again. I hated Lydia on Big Brother.
    Anyway, first of all, because she;s already covered in tattoos, I’m sure that if this was a tattoo, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Second of all, I’m pretty sure that it’s just marker, she probably just drew it on herself because she thought it was funny.

  • Jessica

    It’s not pen. It is a tattoo.

  • sak karepku

    this is war!!!!!! bang! bang! bang! kabooooom!!!!

  • jiniton

    hipster being a hipster

  • Nate

    It’s all fun and games til she needs to get a job.

  • miles

    1st. you are all morons the is not Lydia Rose Tavera. 2nd that tat if creatvie 3rd. the question is about the tat not if you think she is hot 4th. get a dam life