Why Time Travel Is Impossible

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  • Zjrules

    False. The solar system is moving, the galaxies are moving. the earth wouldn’t be in the same spot of space every year. the rest of what you say is true. people have it in their mind that time travel will be a machine that just zaps you through time but it’d have to be a much more complicated apparatus.

  • Your innerself

    This is a fact, back-time travel is impossible. Compare it to a water tap, you can regulate the flow of the water and possibly even stop it (big bang) but can not be reversed. can you take the water who came out in the sink and reverse it all molecules exactly where they been!

  • Your innerself

    Even way more complicated than that to locate the earth into space vs time! Cause the way stars moving inside the galaxy and the movement of the galaxy itself!

  • sierraseven

    I can teach you to travel 60 seconds into the future. C’mon, give it a try. Only takes a minute.

  • Jim

    Hawkins has been wrong a few times before so maybe he is wrong about time travel.

  • Leisiz Paks

    Hawking has been right several times and then denying his ideas for no reason at all, also. Sometimes I don’t quite get him.

  • Adam

    Due to the fact that there is no such thing as aboslute space you would in fact end up quite a lot further away than this cartoon depicts!

  • Hello

    This cartoon doesn’t explain why time travel is impossible, it just explains why it’s impractical.