Will Smith Dead?!

Will Smith Isn’t Dead. Here’s Why Someone Wants You to Think He Is.


Posts like the one you see at left keep popping up all over Facebook. But Will Smith isn’t dead, nor is he currently filming Bad Boys III, nor is there a video showing how he (supposedly) died.

So, what’s with the bogus posts? It’s a scam. It’s spreading because people are being suckered into trying to view the nonexistent video. Then they’re suckered into granting a rogue application permission to access their Facebook profile and post on their behalf. The bogus posts are reproducing themselves with users’ help.

Besides compromising the security of your Facebook account, the links in these posts may also download malicious software to your computer. If similar blurbs show up in your news feed, do not attempt to view the video and do not click “Allow” if the app asks permission to access your profile information.

If you’ve already done so and inadvertently installed the rogue app, follow Facebook’s instructions to remove it. And be more careful next time!

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