Sunday , 21 October 2018

World’s FASTEST Car VS. A SOLO Cup

At this years Dubai Auto Show a company rolled out two wild cars for the ultra wealthy.

SIXTY “Sinister” 6×6 SUV (left) and the “SIXTEEN” (right)

The company’s name is “Devel” which is headquartered in Dubai but they out-source manufacturing through-out the world.

One of the vehicles was their Darth Vader designed new prototype, the Devel SIXTY “Sinister” 6×6 SUV.

The specs on this $400,000 off-road limo are pretty cool (saving details for an afternoon post).

For this gallery, we’ll focus on the star of the show; their newest version of the “Devel SIXTEEN” hypercar.

Although they have not proven its top speed, estimates run in the range of 300-plus Miles per Hour.

This rich kid’s toy is the source of my personal Rick RANT.

Yesterday I saw the photos of the newest DEVEL SIXTEEN. She’s capable of churning out OVER 5-Thousand horsepower.

The company began working on the concept back in 2006,
with a prototype unveiling at the Dubai International Motor Show in 2013,
and finally showing-off the functional engine to the public in 2015.

(2013 version pictured above)
Going back to the unveiling in 2013, almost all of the automotive media doubted Devel’s claim that they were planning to build the fastest car in the world.

Nine years of hard work yet I figured, I’ll just do a post on it tomorrow.

In addition, I was going to compare a real DIY off-road vehicle to the release of the DEVEL SIXTY SINISTER 6×6 futuristic truck-ish looking vehicle (pictured above).


Then I came to a very interesting story about developing the engine of the car.
A small team working out of Muskegon, Michigan worked their f-ing asses off to create the massively complex 12.3L V-16 engine.

Over the past 20 years, the Steve Morris Engines (slightly bigger then Mom and Pop company) made a name for themselves by churning out after-market engines for bad-ass Muscle Cars.

From owner Steve Morris:
“The Devel Sixteen company originally contacted me to build this engine, they gave me 2 criteria.
We want a V16 with 4 turbos and we want it to make 5000 HP (engine) this was their only requests,
this engine is what I came up with.”

“No vast engineering departments, in fact pretty much just me, no billion dollar facility just your average guy that understands how to make things work.”

“Clearly I did not make every part in house, I did pay some outside companies to do machining that I could not do.”

“Needless to say, I am pretty darn happy with the engine.”

“Needless to say, I am pretty darn happy with the engine.”

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