16 People That Should’ve Been Fired Long Ago

A guy at the plant I work at scrapped $360,000 in airplane parts because he didn’t even bother to look at the work instructions. He just drives a forklift now…

Stole a bunch of marked tools (they were painted white)

Showed everyone in the shop pictures of his deer with said tools in the background.

Gets reported, boss calls him on it.

He said ” you got me, I stole a gallon of white paint”

Never heard the boss laughing so hard

Year later or so he gets promoted lol

Worked with a guy who punctured the main gas line to our shop three separate times. It was a construction company and he somehow was still my superintendent although he could have blown up the shop.

He tried to run over a security officer with his car when the security officer told him he couldn’t park where he wanted to park. Almost succeeded, too!

Accidentally send the last three years of account details/back statements from one company to their direct competitor

After already being disciplined and essentially demoted for doing his job terribly, my coworker drunk texted all of our managers in the middle of the night asking why they didn’t love him. It’s been about two weeks and I haven’t seen him since, but he’s not gone. Not the worst thing he could have done but I cringe thinking about it.

I know someone who managed to close an entire supermarket early for the first time in its history (costing the company several thousands of pounds) because they tried to set a clock on a computer back an hour to avoid missing some deadline for a daily routine. He said it seemed such a good idea at the time.

HR rep found out about a person’s elective surgery and made fun of her with a former employee. Let me recap: this person knew about an employee’s private medical information, because she worked with our healthcare plan in her role as HR, and shared that private information with another person for the sole purpose of mocking the employee.

She was not fired.

He was caught selling cocaine on work premises. Everyone was talking about how he’s going to get fired. For a week. Then everybody seemed to have forgotten.

Helps if the owner is your kid’s godmother.

Eat weed, urinate outdoors on garbage cans in public, masturbate and drink on the job.

Obligatory not me but my wife. She had a co-worker that literally punched a customer, wasn’t fired. He later got into a physical altercation with another co-worker, wasn’t fired.

Then he wrapped my wife’s hair around her throat and “play choked” her. Still was not fired. Finally, he got into yet another altercation with a co-worker and pulled a gun on him, all while on the clock. Then he was fired.

Drive around the yard on a forklift, no hands on the steering wheel, fireing a nailgun at people and objects around the yard.

A coworker jumped out from behind a door at my husband, who is a disabled combat veteran with PTSD, dressed as if he was from the Middle East. He was literally trying to trigger a flashback.

No repercussions, as he was the boss’ friend. Two weeks later, he fell down some icy steps and broke both legs. Karma took care of that one.

Guy maxed out the company credit card at a casino.

Had a boss storing pictures of himself in only his wide open bathrobe on company servers. It was reported to HR but wasn’t fired for it. Later he was arrested as part of an undercover sting where he thought he was meeting a 15 year old girl about 500 miles away.

Drill a hole clean through a condensate line and have the ceiling of a three car garage collapse when the drywall gave. Me I am that guy. AMA.

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