Crazy, But True Gambling Stories That You Must Hear

It doesn’t matter if you have been spending most of your time in a land-based casino or you have been spending it online, there is a good chance that you have heard a casino story or two. The only problem is that the stories that you have heard are likely horror stories. You have probably heard about providers cheating their customers. You have probably heard about people getting their bank accounts hacked into. Unfortunately, some of these stories that you have heard are probably true. And, this is just one of the many reasons that there is still a major stigma surrounding the industry. That being said, not all the stories involving the casino world are all horrible. Just check out these stories!

Melissa In Ontario, Canada

A young lady by the name of Melissa and her mother were enjoying a good game of video poker, but not just any traditional video poker game. This was a game where you could literally double your winnings by trying to pick the high or low card. Just like at many popular casinos there was an elderly gentleman sitting next to the mother and daughter couple. The man naturally picked up on how conservatively the mother was betting and encouraged her to take a risk or two. He was trying to explain that the process was simply more exciting when you had more money on the line.

Of course, the mother was still hesitant, but she relented to a point and made some less than conservative bets. Unfortunately, the mother didn’t come out better, but she did have a better time. When the old man left he donated his bucket of quarters to the mother and daughter. Little did they know that there was over $400 worth of quarters in that bucket.

Angelo From Tabilisi, Georgia

This story is about a father and son couple. The two were frequent visitors of a local Georgia casino. They headed in one night just like they normally would, but there was a major difference. The difference was that they had to be on a flight early the next morning to attend a wedding in Italy. After several hard hours of gambling, the couple realized that they had literally burnt through everything they had, including the money for the wedding.

This is when the father jumped in and took charge as any good father would. He took the remaining $100 that the couple had and hit up the video poker machines. Long story short, the father and son duo ended up walking out of the casino that night $5,000 richer.

Joni From Wexford, USA

It doesn’t matter if you are going to playing poker online with a quality provider or if you are going to play in a quality land-based casino if you want to increase your chances of winning, you need to understand the rules of the game. Or, at least this is what most people would have you believe. This wasn’t the casino for this husband and wife. The two were a team of ghost hunters investigating a nearby prison. They arrived on sight and found that they had several hours to kill before their host showed up.

Naturally, the big flashing neon casino sign caught their attention. They decide to go in, hit up the bar, and kill some time. The two knew very little about gambling or poker but decided to try their hand at a video poker machine. Somehow the wife hits it big and the couple walks away nearly $2000 richer.

Joao From Portugal

You have to face the fact that a casino isn’t the best place to pick up chicks. Sure, there are bars, good drinks, and lots of exotic foods, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best place to hit on chicks. Joao was an individual that discovered this all too quickly. He walked into the casino with the thoughts of getting a woman for the night. He hit up the roulette table and started chatting up a nearby female. The female was alone, but Joao wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

He literally laid everything that he had on black, kissed the girl right in front of her boyfriend, and let fate take its toll. He might have walked out of the casino with a black eye and no girlfriend on his arm, but he did walk away with a small fortune in chips.

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  1. Me and my girlfriend were in a city for medical reasons. We are from a small town. We had 4 bucks left to our name so on my way back to the house we were staying at i stopped by the bar and walked out with 250 bucks. Hahaha not much but was a big help. Another time same type of travel. Had 60 bucks left and tried my forst 20 bucks. Ended up with the 1200 jackpot and an extra 200. Hahahaha my Gf doesnt win on slots but i do. Hahahaha

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